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Christian Unger

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  • Dr. rer. nat. Christian Unger


  • BMW Group
    Max-Diamand-Str. 5
    D-80788 München

  • tel: +49 89 382 79974
    room: 01.41/088.0-2-302

Previous Work

Master's Thesis

Master's Thesis: Motion Compensation from Three Views: Applying the Trifocal Tensor to Angiographic Studies (supervison: Prof. Nassir Navab and Martin Groher)

Ph.D. Thesis

Ph.D. Thesis: Contributions to Stereo Vision can be downloaded here

Supervision: Dr. Slobodan Ilic and Dr. Eric Wahl

Abstract: This work presents camera-based methods for dense scene reconstruction. In the context of binocular stereo vision, we introduce a novel algorithm for the efficient computation of dense disparity maps and a precise stereo method that is based on simulated random walks. Further, we present a novel method for the robust and efficient reconstruction from multiple views using a probabilistic formulation. In practice, we use these methods to realize various automotive parking assistance functionalities including an automatic parking slot detection, a collision detector for the pivoting ranges of the doors, and novel image based rendering techniques for visualization. The influence of reconstruction quality on application reliability is showcased with extensive experiments.

Current Work

Currently I am affiliated with the BMW Group in the department responsible for image processing and camera-based driver assistance systems. My current topics include:

  • Binocular Stereo and Motion-Stereo.
  • Multi-View Stereo and Structure from Motion.
  • Semantic Segmentation.
  • Camera-Based Driver Assistance, for example Parking Assistance, but also automated driving
  • Image Processing in Driver Assistance Systems (e.g. Object Detection)
  • Computer Vision in General.

Research Projects

Stereo Vision

Stereo Vision

Contact Person(s): Christian Unger

In industrial collaboration with:
BMW Group


V. Haltakov , C. Unger, S. Ilic
Geodesic pixel neighborhoods for 2D and 3D scene understanding.
Computer Vision and Image Understanding, Volume 148, July 2016, Pages 164-180 (bib)
V. Haltakov , J. Mayr, C. Unger, S. Ilic
Semantic segmentation based traffic light detection at day and at night.
German Conference on Pattern Recognition, 7.-10. October 2015 (bib)
V. Haltakov , C. Unger, S. Ilic
Geodesic pixel neighborhoods for multi-class image segmentation
British Machine Vision Conference, 1.-5. September 2014 (bib)
V. Haltakov , C. Unger, S. Ilic
Framework for generation of synthetic ground truth data for driver assistance applications
35th German Conference on Pattern Recognition, 3.-6. September 2013 (bib)
C. Unger, E. Wahl, P. Sturm, S. Ilic
Stereo Fusion from Multiple Viewpoints
Joint 34th DAGM and 36th OAGM Symposium, Graz, Austria, August 28-31, 2012 (bib)
C. Unger, E. Wahl, S. Ilic
Parking assistance using dense motion-stereo
Journal of Machine Vision and Applications, Special Issue, December 1st 2011 (bib)
C. Unger, E. Wahl, S. Ilic
Efficient Stereo Matching for Moving Cameras and Decalibrated Rigs
Intelligent Vehicles (IV), 6 - 8 June, Baden-Baden, Germany 2011 (bib)
C. Unger, E. Wahl, S. Ilic
Efficient Stereo and Optical Flow with Robust Similarity Measures
33rd Annual Symposium of the German Association for Pattern Recognition, Frankfurt am Main, Germany, August 30th - September 2nd 2011 (bib)
E. Wahl, C. Unger, A. Zeller, D. Rossberg
3D-Environment Modeling as an Enabler for Autonomous Vehicles
ATZ Automobiltechnische Zeitschrift, Ausgabe 02/2010. (bib)
C. Unger, S. Benhimane, E. Wahl, N. Navab
Efficient Disparity Computation without Maximum Disparity for Real-Time Stereo Vision
British Machine Vision Conference (BMVC), London (UK), September 7-10, 2009 (bib)
C. Unger, M. Groher, N. Navab
Image Based Rendering for Motion Compensation in Angiographic Roadmapping
IEEE Computer Society Conference on Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition, Anchorage, Alaska (USA), June 24-26, 2008 (bib)

Other interests

I am also interested in
  • mathematics (numerical analysis, algebra, elementary number theory)
  • image processing
  • 3D rendering and computer graphics
  • programming in general (C++)
  • music
  • ...

Title: Master
Circumference of your head (in cm):  
Firstname: Christian
Lastname: Unger
Picture: my-photo.jpg
Birthday: 23.11.1980
Nationality: Bavaria
Languages: English, German, Bavarian
Groups: Registration/Visualization, Reconstruction, Medical Imaging, Computer Vision, Sensing
Expertise: Registration/Visualization, Segmentation, Medical Imaging, Computer Vision, Sensing
Position: External Phd
Status: Active
Emailbefore: unger
Room: BMW FIZ 01.41/088.0-2-302
Telephone: +49 (0)89 382 79974

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