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Lehrstuhl für Informatikanwendungen in der Medizin & Augmented Reality


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General Done

Part What Responsible Status
dataflow handle exceptions from components gracefully in the dataflow Manuel GO
drivers/art implement 3D record types Manuel GO
drivers/art implement asyncronous IO and timeouts etc. Manuel GO
dataflow write global InitDataflow that instantiates a default factory and registers all components
from a directory
Daniel GO
doc create doxygen configuration and test Manuel GO
scons make install target that copies all components to a common directory Daniel GO
ubitrack write application that instantiates given XML dataflow and does nothing but run it   GO

Necessary for trackframe "proof of concept" milestone 09/15

Goal: Setup a small data flow network from an XML-dataflow-description that computes the pose of one ART-body with respect to another and print results to console.

Part What Responsible Status
application implement, write SRG Manuel GO
drivers/art implement Manuel GO
dataflow+graph create dataflow network from DF-SRG Manuel GO
math write pose inversion and multiplication Daniel GO
components write PoseInversionPush and PoseMultiplicationSynchronizedPush Daniel GO
dataflow find some way to initialize drivers that works in windows Daniel GO
measurements/math implement basic types for measurements Florian GO

Status: Ready smile

trackframe BMW Szenario 1a "demo statisch" 10/15

Goal: Combine mobile and static ART systems and send results to existing ART application

Part What Responsible Status
components write StaticPoseTransformation and PosePushPullMultiplication Manuel GO
drivers/artpush implement ART sender Manuel GO
drivers/art implement ART Messtaster Manuel GO
drivers/artpush implement ART pulling for sender Manuel GO
math implement slerp and position and pose interpolation Manuel GO
components implement StaticPosePull, PoseMultiplicationPush, Interpolator components Manuel GO
components implement component for complementary fusion (data is available if any of the input ports is available) Manuel GO
components pushable static pull component for calibrated edges (PoseBuffer?) Manuel GO
deployment setup demo at BMW Florian + Manuel GO

Status: done

Cleanup Milestone

Part What Responsible Status
src EMACS indent style ManuelHuber GO
src Consistent formatting all GO
src Consistent parameter passing all GO
src Make standard header for all files ManuelHuber GO
src Convert all exceptions to UBITRACK_THROW( "message" ) all GO
src Fix all warnings on windows (if boost::possible) DanielPustka GO
math Think about consistent and resonable way to deal with
template arguments for math functions (see MathHowto)
DanielPustka GO
src Fix all TODOs and bugs all GO
doc Update UML diagrams DanielPustka GO
doc Document all classes (Modules!) all GO
doc document new configuration and dataflow options in XML Manuel HOLD
src Replace all couts and cerrs with appropriate logging calls (see LoggingHowto) all GO
scons enable non-debug builds DanielPustka GO
3rd add copyright/license files where necessary   GO
src derive measurement from math class FlorianEchtler GO
all integrate log4cpp DanielPustka GO
src Exception throwing macro DanielPustka GO
src put components/drivers into namespaces all GO

XMas Demo

Part What Responsible Status Remarks
drivers/render kick out OpenVRML, replace by X3D renderer that also runs on Win32 Florian GO Win32 not working yet, but workaround found
drivers/xsens write Florian GO Ugly due to old Xsens library
drivers/ubisense write Manuel GO Will work for demo, but talk to Ubisense about C++ API
demo make a X3D/VRML minimap of the lab Florian GO

Trackframe Tag 1


Part What Responsible Status
components fusion of gyroscope and Outside-In-Tracking Daniel GO/GO
components laser driver Florian GO
components SPAAM component Florian GO


Part What Responsible Status
drivers/artpush Fix ArtSender Manuel GO
server Fake mini server (but with real UTQL responses) Manuel GO
editor Make editor talk to server Pete GO

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