Mirracle on the Balaur Wall

15 April 2014

The Balaur Display Wall is a collaborative project between the Johns Hopkins School of Computer Science and the Johns Hopkins Milton S. Eisenhower Library. It is a high resolution, 25 megapixel display system intended for research in multi-user gestural interaction with extremely large imagery and datasets.The Balaur Wall is currently installed on the campus of Johns Hopkins University in the new Brody Learning Commons building. We successfully transplant out Mirracle system on this wall.It introduces so many possibilities for Mirralce to use Balaur Diaplay Wall as display device.

mirracle at the DLDWomen13

15 July 2013

We presented our augmented reality magic mirror system together with Siemens at the DLDWomen in Munich. The DLDWomen is a platform for discussions, case studies and lectures and brings together a group of over 100 international high profile speakers and more than 800 opinion-forming participants. They are both women and men from business, media, technology, society, health, education, politics, and science. Among them Maria Furtwängler-Burda, DLDwomen Chair, Steffi Czerny, DLDwomen Founder and Peter Löscher, CEO Siemens AG.

Video showing main organs and photographic slices

30 April 2013

Today we have uploaded a new video to YouTube showing the Science Tunnel version of our mirracle system. The most important development is UI(User Interface) improvement.

Travelling around the world

15 February 2013

We are proud to announce that mirracle is now part of the Science Tunnel. This is an exhibition organized by the Max Planck Society on basic research. It shows a wide range of technologies and will travel around the whole world over the next couple of years. In cooperation with Siemens we were able to make the mirracle system part of this exhibition.

mirracle at the IdeenPark

29 August 2012

Between August 11th and 23rd we have presented our augmented reality magic mirror system together with Siemens at the IdeenPark in Essen. The IdeenPark is an event organized by ThyssenKrupp where interesting technology is presented to a broad public. About 320.000 people visited the IdeenPark and more than 2.000 people were using the magic mirror. Among them Philipp Rösler, vice chancellor of Germany, and Frank Steinmeier, previous vice chancellor of Germany.

On the cover of a magazine

11 May 2012

mirracle has been presented in the French magazine Comment Ca Marche as a part of an article on different applications using Kinect. An interview with us has even been featured on the cover page of the magazine.

Demo at the IEEE VR conference

19 March 2012

Last week we have been at the IEEE VR conference in Orange County. At this conference the latest research on virtual reality and mixed reality has been shown. We have presented a poster and a demo of the mirracle system. Besides our demo there have been several other very interesting demos using the Kinect.

mirracle at the IEEE Virtual Reality conference 2012

30 January 2012

We are very happy that a publication on mirracle has been accepted as poster at the IEEE Virtual Reality (VR) conference 2012. IEEE VR is the premier international conference and exhibition on virtual reality. In addition to the poster we will also show a research demo of our system.

New video showing frosted glass interaction metaphor and other new features

30 January 2012

Today we have uploaded a new video to YouTube showing the latest version of our mirracle system. The most important development is the frosted glass interaction metaphor which allows more complex user interactions. The mirracle system can now show additional information like 3D models of anatomy and text and image information.

mirracle shown on TV

12 July 2011

Already some month ago a TV team from the German news television (n-tv) visited us. They produced a report on the use of Kinect in various research projects. As one example they reported on our magic mirror system. The report was broadcasted multiple times over the last couple of days. Over 400.000 people watched the show.

mirracle system installed at the AMC Amsterdam

7 September 2011

Last week we have visited the Academic Medical Center (AMC) in Amsterdam. We have installed another prototype of the mirracle system at the AMC. Together with our cooperation partner Marlies Schijven at the AMC we will integrate the system into the curriculum of medical students and evaluate the system.

mirracle mentioned as one of the future trends in medical education

1 September 2011

The AMEE (An International Association for Medical Education) annual conference is one of the biggest conferences on medical education. In a plenary talk at AMEE, Donald Clark mentioned mirracle as one example of the upcomming technologies for medical learning. He sees the advantage of such a solution in the use of inexpensive hardware, allowing to reduce to cost for computer-based simulation and training.

More demos and media attention

4 July 2011

This Saturday we showed our system at the event Medical Technology of the Future where three Nobel Prize winners discussed about future trends in medical technology. Already one week ago we went to the headquarters of Siemens Healthcare in Erlangen to present mirracle. And our system has been featured in the Newsletter of the International Association of Medical Equipment Remarketers & Servicers (IAMERS).

Visit from n-tv and visit to Novartis

18 May 2011

Yesterday a TV-team from n-tv, a German news television, visited us in our partner hospital Rechts der Isar. They are shooting a report about innovative controllers for computer games and will also report about our magic mirror system that is using the Microsoft Kinect. Already last week we have been visiting Novartis in Basel, Switzerland to showcase our system at an internal conference.

Cooperation with the Academic Medical Center Amsterdam

06 May 2011

We have started a cooperation with the Academic Medical Center Amsterdam (AMC) in order to evaluate the use of our system for medical education. We will build up a system at the AMC to train students there. This common project is funded by the Dutch innovation program which is granted by Surfnet | Kennisnet.

Two more demos of our system

11 April 2011

In the last week we had two more public demos of our system. On Saturday we showed it at the career day of the Bavarian International School and on Thursday we already had a presentation of mirracle to visiting pupils from the European School Munich.

mirracle featured in Contagious Magazine

4 April 2011

Our work has been featured in the latest issue of the Contagious Magazine. This magazine reports about ideas, trends and innovations behind the world's most revolutionary marketing strategies. We have been featured in the category Upstarts.

Public Presentation of mirracle

25 February 2011

Last Saturday we had the great opportunity to do the first public presentation of our system at the open day of the new emergency medicine center at the Klinikum Ingolstadt. Here we could show our system the first time to a big audience. Although our system sometimes had problems calibrating users (especially small children who were very keen on having an X-ray view into their own body), we are very happy that we have a running version that can be shown to the public after only two month of development.

150.000 Views on YouTube

18 January 2011

Within only two weeks our video has received 150.000 views on YouTube. We are very amazed by this huge attention our work got in the last two weeks and we are encouraged to continue development. We received many interesting ideas and proposals to build applications using our system.

First Prototype of Magic Mirror

03 January 2011

Today we are very happy to show the first version of our Augmented Reality Magic Mirror. Based on our long year research on Augmented Reality for surgery we have developed a system that allows a user to virtually look inside the own body, by standing in front of a magic mirror. While our system is currently a prototype we see a lot of applications in education, patient communication and advertisement.