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DataFlowInstantiator Class Reference

Public Member Functions

 DataFlowInstantiator (DWARF::ServiceManager_ptr pServiceManager)
 ~DataFlowInstantiator ()
void Add (DfGraph &rDataFlow, SrgEdge &rQuery)
void Remove (DfGraph &rDataFlow)
bool CheckComponents ()

Protected Types

typedef std::map< DfComponent,

Protected Member Functions

DWARF::ServiceDescription_var InstantiateComponent (DfComponent &rComp)
void DeleteComponent (const DfComponent &rComp, DWARF::ServiceDescription_var &pComp)
void ConnectNeed (SrgEdge &rQuery, const DfComponent &rComp)
std::string GetPredicate (const SrgEdge &rEdge)

Protected Attributes

ComponentMap m_Components
DWARF::ServiceManager_var m_pServiceManager

Data Structures

struct  ComponentInfo

Detailed Description

Instantiates Data Flow components common components between multiple data flows will be shared.

Definition at line 39 of file DataFlowInstantiator.h.

Member Typedef Documentation

typedef std::map< DfComponent, ComponentInfo > DataFlowInstantiator::ComponentMap [protected]

a map of components

Definition at line 77 of file DataFlowInstantiator.h.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

DataFlowInstantiator::DataFlowInstantiator DWARF::ServiceManager_ptr  pServiceManager  ) 


Definition at line 34 of file DataFlowInstantiator.cpp.

DataFlowInstantiator::~DataFlowInstantiator  ) 

destructor -- deletes all components

Definition at line 40 of file DataFlowInstantiator.cpp.

Member Function Documentation

void DataFlowInstantiator::Add DfGraph rDataFlow,
SrgEdge rQuery

instantiate a dataflow

Definition at line 48 of file DataFlowInstantiator.cpp.

bool DataFlowInstantiator::CheckComponents  ) 

remove dead components

false if components have died

Definition at line 230 of file DataFlowInstantiator.cpp.

void DataFlowInstantiator::ConnectNeed SrgEdge rQuery,
const DfComponent rComp

connect a need to a data flow component

Definition at line 176 of file DataFlowInstantiator.cpp.

void DataFlowInstantiator::DeleteComponent const DfComponent rComp,
DWARF::ServiceDescription_var &  pComp

remove a dwarf component

Definition at line 169 of file DataFlowInstantiator.cpp.

std::string DataFlowInstantiator::GetPredicate const SrgEdge rEdge  )  [protected]

compute an slp predicate for connecting to an edge

Definition at line 214 of file DataFlowInstantiator.cpp.

DWARF::ServiceDescription_var DataFlowInstantiator::InstantiateComponent DfComponent rComp  )  [protected]

create a new dwarf component

Definition at line 91 of file DataFlowInstantiator.cpp.

void DataFlowInstantiator::Remove DfGraph rDataFlow  ) 

remove a dataflow

Definition at line 73 of file DataFlowInstantiator.cpp.

Field Documentation

ComponentMap DataFlowInstantiator::m_Components [protected]

map of all instantiated components

Definition at line 80 of file DataFlowInstantiator.h.

DWARF::ServiceManager_var DataFlowInstantiator::m_pServiceManager [protected]

pointer to service manager

Definition at line 83 of file DataFlowInstantiator.h.

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