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Middleware Interfaces - Selection Phase
[Middleware Interfaces]

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file  Service.idl
 The file containing all service-relevant interfaces of the DWARF middleware.

Data Structures

struct  DWARF::Partner
 Information on a potential communication partner for a need. More...
interface  DWARF::SvcSelection
 Callback interface to notify a service that the set of potential communication partners has been changed. More...
interface  DWARF::AsdSelection
 Choose partners to communicate with. More...

Detailed Description

In the selection phase, a service with a need can choose which partner(s) it wishes to communicate with. This is only necessary if the partners cannot be resolved unambiguously based on a predicate over its' attributes.

The service manager calls the DWARF::SvcSelection interface when the set of possible communication partners changes. The service then calls the DWARF::AsdSelection interface to select and replace partners.


Asa MacWilliams <asa.macwilliams@in.tum.de>

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