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DWARF::MultiTracker Class Reference

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Public Member Functions

 MultiTracker (const char *name="MultiTracker")
virtual ~MultiTracker ()
void newPoseData (MultiTrackerReceiver *receiver, PoseData *pose)

Private Attributes

std::string m_name
 Name of the service.
MultiTrackerReceiverm_poseReceiver [2]
 Pointers to the two MultiTrackerReceiver which receive the PoseData events.
 Pointer to a PoseSender.
 Pointer to a MultiTracker... class which will combine the PoseData of both tracking sources.
int m_maxUpdateRate
 Maximum rate (in Hz) of PoseData events (specified via XML).
Time m_timeLastPose
 Time of the last PoseData event sent.
bool m_hasSceneDataConsumer
 True, if the service has a SceneData consumer (for visualization purposes).
StructuredPushConsumer_var m_sceneDataConsumer
 SceneData consumer (only valid if m_hasSceneDataConsumer=true).
Time m_timeLastScene
 Time of the last SceneData event sent.

Detailed Description

This class handles the incoming PoseData events and sends out the filtered PoseData events

Definition at line 36 of file MultiTracker.h.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

MultiTracker::MultiTracker const char *  name = "MultiTracker"  ) 


name Name of the service

Definition at line 23 of file MultiTracker.cpp.

MultiTracker::~MultiTracker  )  [virtual]


Definition at line 36 of file MultiTracker.cpp.

Member Function Documentation

void MultiTracker::newPoseData MultiTrackerReceiver receiver,
PoseData pose

Should be called by the MultiTrackerReceiver to inform the MultiTracker of a new PoseData event

receiver Pointer to the MultiTrackerReceiver which received the PoseData event
pose Pointer to the PoseData event

Definition at line 41 of file MultiTracker.cpp.

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