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FirstReceiver Class Reference
[Example for the Template Service]

The class handling needs of type FirstReceiver. More...

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Public Member Functions

 FirstReceiver (DWARF::NeedDescription_ptr needDescr)
 Initialize name.
virtual ~FirstReceiver ()
 Does nothing.
void disconnect_structured_push_consumer ()
 inherited from CosNotifyComm::StructuredPushConsumer
void offer_change (const CosNotification::EventTypeSeq &added, const CosNotification::EventTypeSeq &removed)
 Inherited from CosNotifyComm::NotifyPublish.
void push_structured_event (const CosNotification::StructuredEvent &event)
 inherited from CosNotifyComm::StructuredPushConsumer

Protected Attributes

std::string m_name
 The object's name, should be the same as the ability name.
DWARF::NeedDescription_ptr p_needDescr
 The need description of this object, attributes can be found here.
int numEvents
 The number of events received.

Detailed Description

The class handling needs of type FirstReceiver.

This class is derived from the DWARF SvcProtPushConsumer interface

Martin Wagner <wagnerm@in.tum.de>

Example User <example@user.com>

Definition at line 163 of file src/templates/cppservice/example/NAClasses.h.

Member Function Documentation

void FirstReceiver::push_structured_event const CosNotification::StructuredEvent &  event  ) 

inherited from CosNotifyComm::StructuredPushConsumer

Definition at line 173 of file NAClasses.cpp.

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