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DIVEApp Class Reference

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Public Slots

void slotFileExportPS ()
void slotFileQuit ()
void slotViewToolBar (bool toggle)
void slotViewStatusBar (bool toggle)
void slotHelpAbout ()
void slotViewUpdate ()
void slotViewUpdateContinuously (bool bToggle)
void slotUpdateGraphView ()
void slotViewFilterOptions ()
void slotViewPreferences ()
void slotViewUnregistrated (bool b)
void slotViewServiceList ()
void slotDisplayMode (QAction *pAction)
bool event (QEvent *)

Public Member Functions

 DIVEApp ()
 ~DIVEApp ()
void initActions ()
void initMenuBar ()
void initToolBar ()
void initStatusBar ()
void initView ()
void initDWARFModel ()
DWARFSystemModelgetDWARFSystemModel ()
bool queryExit ()

Protected Types

enum  EventTypes

Protected Slots

void NodePortClicked (const char *pszNode, const char *pszPort)
void AttachDebugger (int nID)

Protected Member Functions

void UpdatePropertiesDialog ()

Private Attributes

QScrollView * m_pScrollView
QListView * m_pServiceList
QTimer * m_pTimer
QThread * m_pDWARFUpdateThread
QLabel * m_pStatusBarStats
PropertiesDialog * m_pPropertiesDialog
QPopupMenu * fileMenu
QPopupMenu * viewMenu
QPopupMenu * helpMenu
QToolBar * fileToolbar
QAction * fileNew

Detailed Description

This Class is the base class for your application. It sets up the main window and providing a menubar, toolbar and statusbar. For the main view, an instance of class DIVEView is created which creates your view.

Definition at line 59 of file dive.h.

Member Enumeration Documentation

enum DIVEApp::EventTypes [protected]

asynchronous events

Definition at line 194 of file dive.h.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

DIVEApp::DIVEApp  ) 


Definition at line 62 of file dive.cpp.

DIVEApp::~DIVEApp  ) 


Definition at line 106 of file dive.cpp.

Member Function Documentation

void DIVEApp::AttachDebugger int  nID  )  [protected, slot]

Debugger button clicked in the properties dialog

Definition at line 698 of file dive.cpp.

bool DIVEApp::event QEvent *   )  [slot]

receive Qt events

Definition at line 587 of file dive.cpp.

DWARFSystemModel* DIVEApp::getDWARFSystemModel  )  [inline]

returns the DWARFSystemModel, DIVEApp uses

Definition at line 82 of file dive.h.

void DIVEApp::initActions  ) 

initializes all QActions of the application

Definition at line 119 of file dive.cpp.

void DIVEApp::initDWARFModel  ) 

init the DWARF model

Definition at line 445 of file dive.cpp.

void DIVEApp::initMenuBar  ) 

initMenuBar creates the menu_bar and inserts the menuitems

Definition at line 203 of file dive.cpp.

void DIVEApp::initStatusBar  ) 

setup the statusbar

Definition at line 269 of file dive.cpp.

void DIVEApp::initToolBar  ) 

this creates the toolbars. Change the toobar look and add new toolbars in this function

Definition at line 254 of file dive.cpp.

void DIVEApp::initView  ) 

setup the mainview

Definition at line 279 of file dive.cpp.

void DIVEApp::NodePortClicked const char *  pszNode,
const char *  pszPort
[protected, slot]

called when a node/port is clicked in the graph view

Definition at line 615 of file dive.cpp.

bool DIVEApp::queryExit  ) 

overloaded for Message box on last window exit

Definition at line 293 of file dive.cpp.

void DIVEApp::slotDisplayMode QAction *  pAction  )  [slot]

changes the display mode

Definition at line 574 of file dive.cpp.

void DIVEApp::slotFileExportPS  )  [slot]

export to file

Definition at line 322 of file dive.cpp.

void DIVEApp::slotFileQuit  )  [slot]

exits the application

Definition at line 372 of file dive.cpp.

void DIVEApp::slotHelpAbout  )  [slot]

shows an about dlg

Definition at line 435 of file dive.cpp.

void DIVEApp::slotUpdateGraphView  )  [slot]

updates the view only

Definition at line 468 of file dive.cpp.

void DIVEApp::slotViewFilterOptions  )  [slot]

presents the filter options dialog

Definition at line 503 of file dive.cpp.

void DIVEApp::slotViewPreferences  )  [slot]

presents the preferences dialog

Definition at line 538 of file dive.cpp.

void DIVEApp::slotViewServiceList  )  [slot]

opens the service list

Definition at line 408 of file dive.cpp.

void DIVEApp::slotViewStatusBar bool  toggle  )  [slot]

toggle the statusbar

Definition at line 421 of file dive.cpp.

void DIVEApp::slotViewToolBar bool  toggle  )  [slot]

toggle the toolbar

Definition at line 395 of file dive.cpp.

void DIVEApp::slotViewUnregistrated bool  b  )  [slot]

presents the ViewUnregistrated Button

Definition at line 531 of file dive.cpp.

void DIVEApp::slotViewUpdate  )  [slot]

updates DWARF model & view

Definition at line 462 of file dive.cpp.

void DIVEApp::slotViewUpdateContinuously bool  bToggle  )  [slot]

updates DWARF model & view every n seconds

Definition at line 451 of file dive.cpp.

void DIVEApp::UpdatePropertiesDialog  )  [protected]

updates the properties dialog with fresh values from the dwarf model

Definition at line 647 of file dive.cpp.

Field Documentation

QPopupMenu* DIVEApp::fileMenu [private]

file_menu contains all items of the menubar entry "File"

Definition at line 152 of file dive.h.

QAction* DIVEApp::fileNew [private]

actions for the application initialized in initActions() and used to en/disable them according to your needs during the program

Definition at line 161 of file dive.h.

QToolBar* DIVEApp::fileToolbar [private]

the main toolbar

Definition at line 158 of file dive.h.

QPopupMenu* DIVEApp::helpMenu [private]

view_menu contains all items of the menubar entry "Help"

Definition at line 156 of file dive.h.

DWARFSystemModel* DIVEApp::m_pDWARFModel [private]

State of the DWARF system

Definition at line 139 of file dive.h.

QThread* DIVEApp::m_pDWARFUpdateThread [private]

Thread for updating the DWARF

Definition at line 143 of file dive.h.

PropertiesDialog* DIVEApp::m_pPropertiesDialog [private]

Service/Need/Ability properties window

Definition at line 147 of file dive.h.

QScrollView* DIVEApp::m_pScrollView [private]

main widget

Definition at line 133 of file dive.h.

QListView* DIVEApp::m_pServiceList [private]

Test Mockup

Definition at line 137 of file dive.h.

QLabel* DIVEApp::m_pStatusBarStats [private]

Displays DWARF statistics inside the status bar

Definition at line 145 of file dive.h.

QTimer* DIVEApp::m_pTimer [private]

Timer used for periodic updating

Definition at line 141 of file dive.h.

DWARFGraphView* DIVEApp::m_pView [private]

widget inside ScrollView

Definition at line 135 of file dive.h.

QPopupMenu* DIVEApp::viewMenu [private]

edit_menu contains all items of the menubar entry "Edit"

Definition at line 154 of file dive.h.

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