Chair for Computer Aided Medical Procedures & Augmented Reality
Lehrstuhl für Informatikanwendungen in der Medizin & Augmented Reality

Weekly project meeting, 2004-02-02


Martin Bauer, Dagmar Beyer, Asa MacWilliams, Daniel Pustka, Franz Strasser

Agenda: Planning the UbitrackSalzburgWorkshop workshop

  1. How do we get there and back? When are we leaving?
  2. What are we doing? Desired Outcome
  3. Schedule
  4. What do we need?
  5. ToDos

1. How / when do we get there and back?

5 persons from Munich to Salzburg, 6 back (Asa will come back with us)

Gudrun will drive with her car from Garching to Salzburg and back. It has enough space for 6 people with some luggage, so please leave your beauty case at home unless it fits into the overhead compartments. -- MartinBauer - 02 Feb 2004

Departure: Fr, 14:00 h (Arrival approx. 16:00 - 17:00 h)

Back to Munich on Sunday approx. 15:00 h

2. What are we doing? Desired Outcome

  • Our system design (the more precise, the better):
    • high-level API (IDL level)
    • Consequences for DWARF
  • How does the work fit into the coorporation Munich - Vienna
  • For the single diploma theses:
    • Agenda for the next 3 months: steps for the solution of the problems
    • Take current presentations and add more technical details
  • Identify weaknesses in the works
  • Demoscenarios, test cases
  • Tools, simulation environment
  • Integration plan

3. Schedule

see the UbitrackSalzburgWorkshop page!

4. What do we need?

  • Flipchart, pens, writing pads, small colored cards
  • Beamer, notebooks
  • multiple socket (electricity)
  • Speakers
  • Movies ! (Dvd, Cd)

4. ToDos

Dagmar, Daniel, Franz presentions (see above, <30min, first idea of system design ?)
Martin B., Asa, Martin W. Short presentation of goals and strategies of their works
DONE Martin B. Talk to Gudrun about her car
Martin B., Asa, Gudrun Dienstreiseanträge
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