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Ubitrack supporting Virtools

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  • Full Acccess to all Ubitrack Features
  • Easy Usage within Virtools
  • Free Building Block, no Adds


  • not yet, see Example and How To

How to (or the nine steps of ubiquiting your virtools)

  1. Download Building Block

  2. Installation :

    Drop the UbitrackBB.dll into your Building Block Folder within your Virtools Installation Folder. Usually you will have a Virtools Installation Folder similar to this one:
    C:\Program Files\3DVIA\Virtools 5.0.
    So the folder where to place the Ubitrack Building Block results usually in
    C:\Program Files\3DVIA\Virtools 5.0\BuildingBlocks.
    Keep in Mind that you need Administrator privileges to put the Building Block into this folder.

  3. Download Ubitrack

    from our Webseite: http://campar.in.tum.de/UbiTrack/Downloads

  4. Install Ubitrack :

    Since we have no installer yet you have to do some things on your own in order to be able to use Ubitrack. First choose a directory where you want to place your Ubitrack files and unzip the compressed file.

    In my case I dropped the ZIP-file to the C:\Program Files folder and unzipped it, such that my Ubitrack folder is now C:\Program Files\Ubitrack-1.0-Win32\. Now you have to add the bin folder of ubitrack to the PATH environment variable. So simply open the options of the path environment variables and add C:\Program Files\Ubitrack-1.0-Win32\bin.
  5. Checking Ubitrack :

    If you start a new console window now and type "utConsole" you should have a massage in the console window. If you can see the help message everything works so far. By the way: you should be able to start utConsole in any folder of your computers' folder structure.

  6. Checking Building Block :

    Everything is prepared right now and you can start Virtools. When Virtools has started check wheter or not the Building Block was detected. You can do so by choosing "Installed Plugins" from the "Option" menumember of the menubar.

  7. Choosing Building Block

  8. Setting Parameters

  9. Testing Building Block

First Example

  • First: Spatial Relationship Graph (SRG)
  • Showing the Camera Image
  • Attaching a Marker Tracker
  • Debugging Dataflow
  • Integration in Virtools


  • Ubitrack Building Block
  • DFG for Ubitrack
  • Virtools Example
  • Readme

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