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Permanent CAR Demoinstallation in the lab

Demo Startup



Please ensure that all the markers are available. These are:

  • the small green car
  • the SeeThroughLap Marker with Id No 4
  • the magic wand


Rechner What Scripts
atnavab16 Viewer Tischbeamer  
atnavab15 Viewer Wandbeamer  
atnavab14 ARTTracker Objectcalibration Filter  
DTrack Computer DTrack Software  


DTrack Computer

  • Login start DTrack 1.22 for Project CAR
  • start measurement

atnavab 14 15 16

  • login as cardemo
  • open a shell
  • cd to dwarfinstall/bin
  • run ./run-servicemanager labcar

Now all the filters and Viewers should start up.


The ST Laptop View does look incorrect:

  • Maybe the car or the STL is not calibrated correctly. Calibrate!

On STL the envirenment is not moving :

  • Check if the RelativePositionFilter is running and have connected. If not restart it.

The WIM does not rotate :

  • Check if all of the following filters run:
    • Y2ZFilter
    • MergeFilter

The WIM does not scale:

  • Check if all of the following filters run:
    • ScaleFilter or Interpolator
    • CARScaleFilter

The WIM does not center:

  • Check if all of the following filters run:
    • CenteringFilter
    • DistanceFilter

The Computer, the Viewer runs on, is very slow. The View is updated very slow.

  • This is caused to a strange behaviour of the Viewer when using the CARcity.wrl

Demo Setup ( How to install the demo in the lab )

  • checkout DWARF (if not already done this)
  • in dwarf/ type ./bootstrap
  • in dwarf/build/ type ../configure --prefix=/home/$USER/dwarfinstall/ --enable-bar
    • the dwarf build system is now configured
  • in dwarf/build/ type make
  • if this step is completed without errors type make install to install DWARF and the CAR Application
  • ensure that all neccesary services have built that means look in dwarfinstall/bin/
  • if the filters are not present go to dwarf/build/src/services/FilterServices and make install


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