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Demo Day Summer 2014

Veranstaltumg am 08. Juli 2014
Prof. Gudrun Klinker, Ph.D. (with Manuel Huber and Christian Waechter)

General Information

The Demo Day of the Fakultät für Informatik aims to provide a platform for exceptional student projects to be presented to a broader audience.

Students have the opportunity to present interesting demonstrations and results obtained in the context of courses, exercises or other activities and discuss these with a broad range of visitors.

The presentations each consist of a conference-style "one minuite madness" introduction and a demo- or poster-presentation afterwards.

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Summer semester 2014

The Demo Day of the summer semester 2014 will take place on 08. July 2014. Students will present their current projects in the context of different teaching or research activities.

Time & Location

The Demo Day will take place on 08. July 2014.
  • Presentations: 17:00 - 17:45, Room: HS1 (00.01.001)
  • Posters/Demos: 17:45 - 20:00 in the main hall, in front of HS1 (00.01.001)

List of topics

The demonstrations will from the following topics, but not limited to

  • Projects developed in the course "Game Engine Design"
  • Projects developed in the course "Social Gaming"
  • Projects from the exercises "3D User Interfaces"
  • Projects from the exercises "Augmented Reality"

List of Projects

Number Name Table slot Queue Side in HS1
1 3DUI: LeapMotionPong C-6b odd
2 3DUI: Wormhole C-5b even
3 AR: Gravity Explorer C-6a odd
4 AR: Augmented Tangram C-5a even
5 AR: Simon Says AR C-4b odd
6 AR: Dice Game C-4a even
7 AR: AR Tank Wars C-3b odd
8 AR: AR - Puppet C-3a even
9 Game Engine Design A-5a odd
10 GED: Reatime Virtual World A-5b even
11 GED: Beezt A-6a odd
12 DX Praktikum A-7 even
13 Bachelor Thesis: Exploration of virtual Worlds A-8a odd
14 Bachelor Thesis: Fluid A-8b even
15 Social Gaming: Infected Droid B-1a odd
16 Social Gaming: SOE B-1b even
17 Social Gaming: CampusCraft B-2a odd
18 Social Gaming: eOS B-2b even
19 Social Gaming: Bounty Hunter B-3a odd
20 Social Gaming: UniFälle B-3b even
21 Social Gaming: DangerZone B-4a odd
22 TAVIS: DanceOff A-1 even
23 TAVIS: DJ Simulator A-2 odd
24 TAVIS: Kurby A-3 even
25 TAVIS: RoboDancer A-4 odd
26 Game Physics: Magnetism A-9a even
27 Game Physics: Oxyd Game A-9b odd
28 High Performance Computing A-10 + A-11 even
29 WARR: Cubesat B-5 odd
30 TUMitfahrer App C-1 even
31 aMAZEing A-12 odd

Information for participants


  • For the presentation, please form two queues on the sides of the lecture room HS1.
  • To distribute the groups you are either assigned to the left (odd) side or the right (even) side according to your project number (the sides are labeled on the walls)
  • Please try to roughly sort by project number, so we get a smooth flow of presenters


  • For registration, please send a short notice with your project name and the members of your team to Manuel Huber

  • Presentation: each participating project will be presented in a 1-minute teaser-presentation, consisting of 1 slide
  • The presentation should be given in english
  • Do not use any animations/multiple pages in your slides. You will not have direct control over your presentation.
  • Please send this slide to Manuel Huber
  • Please use the template for the presentation slide (see below)

  • Each project has to give a demo-presentation in the main hall (poster+demo also possible)
  • In special cases you can have your poster printed (A1). Please contact Manuel Huber. You can use the template below for your own posters.
  • Please do not use videos on your slides.

  • You get 1/2 table demo space plus opportunity to put up your poster
  • Please send additional requirements (such as power, bright/dark lighting preferences, additional space, etc.) to Manuel Huber
  • Hardware can only be provided in very limited numbers, so please if possible bring your own equipment or make absolutely sure you get a confirmation from us if you want to borrow something.
  • Also send additional questions to Manuel Huber

Important Deadlines

  • 08. July 2014 16:00 : Demo-Day Summer 2014

Past Deadlines

  • 07. July 2014 12:00 : Slides and additional requirements
  • 06. July 2014 23:59 : Poster files
  • 03. July 2014 23:59 : Registration


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