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Demo Day Winter 2018

Veranstaltung am 6. Feb 2018
Prof. Gudrun Klinker, Ph.D. (with David Plecher and Sven Liedtke)

General Information

The Demo Day of the Fakultät für Informatik aims to provide a platform for exceptional student projects to be presented to a broader audience.

Students have the opportunity to present interesting demonstrations and results obtained in the context of courses, exercises or other activities and discuss these with a broad range of visitors.

The presentations each consist of a conference-style "one minuite madness" introduction and a demo- or poster-presentation afterwards.

Winter semester 2017/2018

The Demo Day of the winter semester 2017/2018 will take place on 06. February 2018. Students will present their current projects in the context of different teaching or research activities.

Time & Location

The Demo Day will take place on 06. February 2018.
  • Presentations: 16:00 - 16:45, Room: tba
  • Posters/Demos: 16:45 - 19:30 in the main hall

List of Projects

Number Name Table slot Organization
1 Ascapie 1a EIGE
2 Imaginary 1b EIGE
3 Pixel.F 2a EIGE
4 Luxus 2b EIGE
5 Zombie 3a EIGE
6 Chronos 3b EIGE
7 Chocoshooter 4a EIGE
8 Heavy 4b EIGE
9 Earthdefender 5a EIGE
10 Mr. Wizard 5b EIGE
11 Globall 6 EIGE
12 Catch a Ghost 7a IMGE
13 RPiG? 7b IMGE
14 El Temporal 8a IMGE
15 RollDown? 8b IMGE
16 RunForest? 9a IMGE
17 Zeta VII 9b SW
18 Inselabenteuer 10a SW
19 Palmuria 10b SW
20 Winde des Zerfalls 11a SW
21 Orga 11b GJ
22 SpaceDrift? 12a GJ
23 GJ 12b GJ
24 SHaRe? 13a Plan
25 SpellDefense? 26 Sports
26 SmashBikes? 27 Sports
27 Icarus 28 Sports
28 SuperCharged? 29 Sports
29 FlappyBrowser? 30 Sports
30 shining game 14-17 Arch
31 Ting 14-17 Arch
32 MörtelKombat 14-17 Arch
33 Computerhaus 14-17 Arch
34 Origami 14-17 Arch
35 Small Big World 14-17 Arch
36 FlipperSquash? 31 MP_AR
36 Museum 18 MP_G
38 RuneTd? 19 MP_G
39 Hikari no to 20 MP_G
40 RogueGen? 21 MP_G
41 TinyCrisis? 22 MP_G
42 BloodInvaders? 23 MP_G
43 Caviators 24 MP_G
44 Riddikulus 25 MP_G
45 MoveII? 13b


Information for participants

  • For registration, please send a short notice with your project name and the members of your team to David Plecher

  • Presentation: each participating project will be presented in a 1-minute teaser-presentation, consisting of 1 slide
  • The presentation should be given in english
  • Do not use any animations/multiple pages in your slides. You will not have direct control over your presentation.
  • Please send this slide to David Plecher
  • Please use the template for the presentation slide (see below)

  • ATTN: Please try to roughly sort by project number, so we get a smooth flow of presenters

  • Each project has to give a demo-presentation in the main hall (poster+demo also possible)
  • In special cases you can have your poster printed (A1). Please contact David Plecher. You can use the template below for your own posters.
  • Please do not use videos on your slides.

  • You get 1/2 table demo space plus opportunity to put up your poster
  • Please send additional requirements (such as power, bright/dark lighting preferences, additional space, etc.) to David Plecher
  • Also send additional questions to David Plecher

Important Deadlines

  • 6. Feb 2018 16:00: Demo Day Winter 2018
  • 6. Feb 2018 12:00: Project IDs, Table Slots and Seating will be announced
  • 2. Feb 2018: Hand in the 1 minute madness slide (mail to David Plecher)
  • 2. Feb 2018: Last possibility to request additional requirements (mail to David Plecher)
  • 1. Feb 2018: Last possibility to submit poster files (mail to David Plecher)
  • 30. Jan 2018: Last possibility for registration for Demo Day WS 2017/18 (mail to David Plecher)


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