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(work in progress)

In this tutorial we will write a simple Dwarf service that can receive simple text strings.

Assumptions and Prerequesites

Needs and Abilities

Formulated in Needs and Abilities, this means that our service has the Need to recevie strings. We want to receive the strings as Events; therefore we implement the PushConsumer? protocol, more precisely the SvcProtPushConsumer interface.

When we write this in XML, this looks like

   <need name="receivestrings" type="StringData">
      <connector protocol="PushConsumer"/>

The name of our Need, receivestrings, is only used internally. Yust make sure that the name is unique in your on XML file. The type, StringData, needs to be specified as an interface for CORBA.

Our service has no Abilities.

Creating the source files

Adding the service to the build process

Building for the first time

Later we will write another service that will send strings.

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