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English Pronounciation of Mathematical Formulas

In seminars you often have to present mathematical formulas in English. To avoid common pronounciation mistakes, we have created this page, which gives the pronounciation of common mathematical expressions in English and German.

  • If you think something is missing, feel free to add it!
  • Note: If there is a fat bar under the symbolic representation, this is a mistake of latex2html, not part of the formula!


Symbol German English
a Strich a prime
a Strich-Strich oder a zwei-Strich a double-prime
a Dach a hat
a Quer a bar
a Tilde a tilde
a Punkt a dot

Basic Mathematical Expressions

Symbol German English (full) English (short)
a gleich b a equals b  
a plus b a plus b  
a minus b a minus b  
a mal b a times b  
a durch b (a divided by b) a over b
a Quadrat a square  
a hoch b a to the power of b a to the b
der Betrag von a the absolute value of a the norm of a
Kombinatorik: a über b
(oder auch b aus a)
Combinatorics: a choose b
(NOT a over b !)
a fakultät a factorial  


Symbol German English (full) English (short)
f abgeleitet nach x f derived with respect to x  
das Integral von a nach b von f über x ...  

Linear Algebra

Symbol German English (full) up English (short)
die Spur von M the trace of M  
die Inverse von M the inverse of M M inverse
die Determinante von M the determinant of M  
M transponiert M transposed  
eine 3-kreuz-4 Matrix M a 3-by-4 matrix M  

Common Mistakes

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