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Code Snippets

Wicked Boost Code

boost::bind and std::remove_if

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Computing a Matab fashion histogram with ITK

The following code snippets shows how to compute a histogram in the same way as matlab's imhist method based on ITK.

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Iterating over the bins and accessing the number of elements within a bin as well as retrieving the bin number from the iterator can be found in the following example:

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Performing a deconvolution with Matab

The following function shows you how to perform a deconvolution with matlab. Don't even try to do the deconvolution by manually inverting the convolution matrix F via pinv(full(F)) because F will require 512^2-by-512^2 doubles which sums up to 512 GB (!!!). The function pinv does not support sparse matrices and thus we are required to use full causing the allocation of the whole matrix and thus matlab barfing.

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More Matalb deconvolution stuff - this time a version that should work on very big images. The issue that is left is a way to properly compute the threshold epsilon used during the inversion in the frequency domain... maybe anyone can help me out in this issue.

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