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Deformable Guide Wire Tracking

Deformable Guide Wire Tracking

Scientific Director: Nassir Navab

Contact Person(s): Hauke Heibel

Keywords: Registration / Visualization, Reconstruction, Computer-aided Interventions, Computer Vision


These days, X-ray fluoroscopic imaging is the modality used most widely to guide physicians in angiographic interventions. Current guidance procedures are based on a roadmap, e.g. a digital subtracted angiography (DSA) acquired from a fixed viewpoint and the injection of contrast agent to visualize the current vessel anatomy. Such roadmaps cannot directly be blended with the fluoroscopic sequence due to misalignment caused by respiratory motion. A fundamental step toward a successful integration of any navigation application into clinical routine is the estimation and compensation of respiratory motion. We propose a novel method for deformable tracking of multiple ridge segments based on a MAP-MRF formulation and efficient discrete optimization. Ridges are modeled as B-Spline curves which allows us to apply smooth deformations based on a minimal number of parameters. Our tracking framework is well adapted to the noisy domain of fluoroscopic imaging and the handling of multiple segments.


H. Heibel, B. Glocker, M. Groher, M. Pfister, N. Navab
Interventional Tool Tracking using Discrete Optimization
IEEE Transactions on Medical Imaging (TMI) (bib)
H. Heibel, B. Glocker, N. Paragios, N. Navab
Needle Tracking Through Higher-Order MRF Optimization
IEEE International Symposium on Biomedical Imaging (ISBI), Rotterdam, The Netherlands, April 14 - 17 2010. (bib)
H. Heibel, B. Glocker, M. Groher, N. Paragios, N. Komodakis, N. Navab
Discrete Tracking of Parametrized Curves
IEEE Computer Society Conference on Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition (CVPR), Miami, Florida (USA), June 2009. (bib)


Contact Person(s)

Hauke Heibel
Dr. Hauke Heibel

Working Group

Ben Glocker
Dr. Ben Glocker
Hauke Heibel
Dr. Hauke Heibel
Martin Groher
Dr. Martin Groher


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