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Most machines should have
net.slp.useScopes = default
in their /etc/slp.conf.

Because of testing reasons some machines are isolated (this will be reversed at 8.3.2004). So if you see only local services in DIVE, check this webpage or /etc/slp.conf!

atbruegge29: net.slp.useScopes=michiR
lapbruegge56: net.slp.useScopes=cardemo
atbruegge34: net.slp.useScopes=cardemo
atbruegge41: net.slp.useScopes=cardemo
atbruegge43: net.slp.useScopes=cardemo
lapbruegge49: net.slp.useScopes=cardemo
macbruegge61: net.slp.useScopes=cardemo
macbruegge64: net.slp.useScopes=cardemo
macbruegge70: net.slp.useScopes=cardemo

from /etc/slp.conf:

# slp.conf file for the DWARF linux cluster
# Asa MacWilliams, February 2004

# This file is replicated to the entire cluster. If you want to deactivate
# that temporarily (e.g. to isolate a group of machines), run
# mv /usr/local/clientconfig/etc/slp.conf /usr/local/clientconfig/etc/slp.conf.good
# as root on janus. Then edit the file locally on the machines you want to
# isolate. Send mail to all cluster users informing them of the change.
# To restore this file, run
# mv /usr/local/clientconfig/etc/slp.conf.good /usr/local/clientconfig/etc/slp.conf
# /usr/local/bin/update-client-config

# Note that a symbolic link from /usr/local/etc/slp.conf points to this
# file, too. Leave that intact.

# 1 - Make SLP requests faster. Use this on every DWARF installation.
net.slp.multicastMaximumWait = 100
net.slp.multicastTimeouts  = 10,20,30,40,60,80
net.slp.unicastMaximumWait = 200
net.slp.unicastTimeouts  = 20,40,60,80,120,160

# 2 - Do not use directory agents. This is a cluster-local configuration
# option, since we don't want to use the Mac OS X server SLP directory
# agent.
net.slp.passiveDADetection = false
net.slp.activeDADetection = false
net.slp.DAActiveDiscoveryInterval = 0

# 2a - if we wanted to use our own directory agent, this is how we would do
# it. This is commented out for now.
# net.slp.DAAddresses =

# 3 - SLP scopes. Use default scope by default.
# 3a) This should always be the default in the entire cluster.
net.slp.useScopes = default
# 3b) If you are building a demo and need to isolate machines,
#     Use this line instead on a few machines. Don't forget to
#     Restore it afterwards.
# net.slp.useScopes = mydemoname

# end DWARF linux cluster specific configuration. The rest, below, is
# documentation only.

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