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SceneData (deprecated, better use ViewerControl or ViewerControlEvent?)

The SceneData interface is used to change the Scenegraph inside a ServiceViewer from outside.

SceneData.idl deliveres basicaly an enumaration, containing following commands:

  • CreateObject: Add an 3D Object with given geometry to the SceneGraph
  • DeleteObject: Delete a 3D Object from the SceneGraph
  • ReplaceScene: Replace the whole 3D Scene
  • SuperImpose: Overlay the 3D Scene with 2D Information e.g. Text


Q: How do i get a unique ID for an Object i want to create? -- MartinBauer - 12 Jun 2003
A: The IDs are created and handled by ServiceModel? -- ChristianSandor, OtmarHilligesOld? - 17 Jun 2003
Q: This means when i do not use a centralized model, i have to take care of this myself? -- MartinBauer - 17 Jul 2003
A: Yes thats correct, sorry for the inconvinience. -- OtmarHilliges - 09 Oct 2003

Q: What happens when i create two object with the same VirtualObjectId? -- MartinBauer - 17 Jul 2003
A: The second would overwrite the pointer to the first one, I'd consider this a BUG and change it ASAP. -- OtmarHilliges - 09 Oct 2003

Q: Is it possible to get an Action ReplaceObject that replaces the VRML description of an object? -- Main.Main.MartinBauer - 09 Sep 2003
A: Yes that should be no problem, I'll do it ASAP -- OtmarHilliges - 09 Oct 2003

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