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How to use Parsephone (The Formula Interpreter)

  • run a servicemanager
  • start Parsephone with "./Parsephone"
  • start DIVE

The Filter has now two needs FormulaInput and NumberOfInterpreters (watch it in DIVE):

  • The first is of Type String
    * Connect a ManualContext or Configurator to it and send the Formel to the Filter
  • the ParsephoneFilter has hopefully registered the variables of your formula
  • Now connect and Service that sends InputDataAnalogUnlimited to the Variables
The Output is now sending the result of your calculation

Available functions

Constants any numbers
Variable any combination of letters
ABS Absolut value
ACO Arcuscosinus
ASI Arcussinus
ATA Arcustangens
COS Cosinus
EXP Exponential function e^x
LGN Logarithmus Naturalis
LOG logarithm to base 10
NEG Negation
SIN Sinus
SQR squareroot
TAN Tangens
ADD Addition
DIV Division
MUL Multiplication
POW x^y
ROO y-th root of x
SUB Subtraction

-- NikolasDoerfler - 18 Feb 2004

Using multiple Interpreters in one Parsephonefilter

This is not tested yet but should hopefully work

  • Connect to NumberOfInterpreters and send a Number bigger than 1 to the Filter
  • It should register a apropriate number of FormelInputs and Outputs which you can connect to and use them like standalone Interpreters

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