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Interface SvcStartup

In order to get a Service acting in correspondence to a ServiceDescription, you will have to implement the SvcStartup interface.

It is defined in src/idl/DWARF/Service.idl.

It provides two methods: startService:

  • This one is called by the ServiceManager, when the Service's functionality is required, say when another Service requires data from a need of this Service.
  • The ServiceDescription is given in this method call, so that the service can configure to the network structure as required for the application.
  • The startService method can only get called, if there is a ServiceDescription and when the Service is running (in general as a process) and is registered at the ServiceManager (The Service process has to get the ServiceManager via CorbaInit and has to call regsiterService on the ServiceManager).
  • For every need and ability, you must register a object at the ServiceManager (registerAbility, registerNeed), that is capable of handling the connector that is specified in the corresponding need/ability.


  • If the functionality of teh Service is no longer required, the ServiceManager calls stopService. The Service should clean up to a state as before calling startService, so that startService can be called again, when the Service's functionality is required again.

The interfaces Service and SvcService are aggregated in the BasicService interface (also see src/idl/DWARF/Service.idl) to avoid problems of programming languages that do not support multiple inheritance. The TemplateService (CPP, Java) implements the BasicService interface.

-- MarcusToennis - 13 Feb 2006

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