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Lehrstuhl für Informatikanwendungen in der Medizin & Augmented Reality

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Prof. Gudrun Klinker, Ph.D.

Oral exams (of winter semester 2006/2007)

  • Augmented Reality?: AR
  • 3D User Interfaces?: 3D UIs

Location: 03.013.053 (Office of Prof. Klinker)

Documentation: Studentenausweis + some identity card (with photo)



(more exam slots will be made available as necessary)

Date Time Student Class Second Examiner
  Thursday, Feb 8 14:00 Benjamin Kormann AR  
    14:30 Atilla Insel AR  
    15:00 Can Sandikcioglu AR  
    15:30 - - 3D UIs or AR -  
  Thursday, Feb 15 14:00 Benjamin Kormann 3D UIs  
    14:30 Philipp Weigel 3D UIs  
    15:00 Andreas Pfaffelmoser AR  
    15:30 Stephen Lauschke AR  
    16:00 Michael Wagner 3D UIs  
    16:30 Erwin Yükselgil AR  
  Friday, Mar 2 10:00 Torsten Röder 3D UIs  
    10:30 Torsten Röder AR  
    11:00 - - 3D UIs or AR -  
    11:30 - - 3D UIs or AR -  
    13:30 - - 3D UIs or AR -  
    14:00 Anna Tsvetanova 3D UIs  
    14:30 Christian Unger 3D UIs  
    15:00 Christian Unger AR  
    15:30 Frederik Beaujean AR  
    16:00 Hernan Raffi 3D UIs  

Further information for classes: Augmented Reality, Desktop-based User Interfaces, and 3D User Interfaces

Frequently asked questions

  • None so far

Exam format

  • Duration: 20 minutes
  • Content: Topics that were discussed during the lectures (see the slides) and exercises (if existant)
  • Language: German or English (student's choice)
  • Examiners: Prof. Klinker + 1 Ph.D. student
  • Location: 03.013.053 (Office of Prof. Klinker)
  • Documentation: Studentenausweis + some identity card (with photo)

Registration procedure

  • Check on this page which slots are still available
  • Send email to Prof.Klinker indicating your name, preferred slot (and alternate slots), the class you attended, your study program (MS, BS, Diploma, computer science or s.th. else), your matrikel number and your birth date
  • Names will be added to this page in the sequence of incoming emails
  • When your name appears (probably that evening), you have successfully registered
  • If there is an unresolvable time conflict, you will be contacted by email.


  • This page is the official (primary) exam schedule for AR and 3D UIs.
  • For Diplomvor- and -hauptprüfungen, DVP and DHP, it is only the secondary list (primary list is on the door of Prof. Klinker's office).
  • News regarding changes, as well as answers to frequently asked questions will appear at the top of this page.
  • Major changes will also be sent by email to all registered students and posted on Prof. Klinker's door.

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