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PhD Seminar: Image-guided Treatments

by Nassir Navab & Michael Roth & Gudrun Klinker

This is a joint Ph.D. seminar with the Chair for Computer Aided Medical Procedures (Prof. Dr. Nassir Navab), the Augmented Reality research group (Prof. Gudrun Klinker, Ph.D.), and the Medical Applications research group (Dr. Michael Roth).

In this seminar we discuss issues related to medical augmented reality, medical imaging, and computer aided diagnosis and therapy. This will include reviews of conference papers, scientific presentations and dicussion of research ideas between the participants.


MI 02.13.010 (seminar room)


date topics primary facilitator/lecturer
Mar 11, 2005, 10:00pm Kick-off presentations for the continuation of the STENT project
Kick-off presentation of the SEP 'Building a New Video See-Through AR System'
Final presentation of the SEP '3D view of stereo laparoscope in the operating room'
Final presentation of the Praktikum 'Intra-operative Imaging and Visualization'
Final presentation of the SEP 'Combining different Trackers in AMIRE'
Final presentation of the SEP 'Filter Framework for DWARF'
Optical see-through HMD calibration experiments
Kostas Filippatos (Diplomarbeit) and Oliver Kutter (IDP)
Markus Urban
Benjamin Stetter
Konrad Lindner, Petar Banov, and Tobias Lasser
Benjamin Becker
Michael Schlegel
Jan 28, 2005, 3:30pm DA Presentation: Techniques for Accelerating Intensity-based Rigid Image Registration
DA-Kickoff: Fusion of optical and magnetic tracking
Razvan Chisu
Sintje Göritz
Jan 14, 2005, 3:30pm PhD-Kickoff: (Non)-Rigid Image Registration for Radio Frequency Ablations
SEP-Kickoff: Development of an interactively configurable tracking graph for CAMPAR
DA-Kickoff: Fluoro Navigation Accuracy
Ruxandra Micu
Andreas Tropschug
Matthias Assel
Dec 10, 2004, 3.30pm Non-rigid image registration: The Adaptive Bases Algorithm Christian Wachinger (supervisor Martin Groher)
Apr 16, 2004 (2pm) AR demo: delivary simulator /
Planning of visualization framework for medical AR
students of Tobias Sielhorst
Apr 01, 2004 (2pm) MRI (2) / PET Stefan Burkhardt
Feb 17, 2004 MRI Stefan Burkhardt
Feb 03, 2004 RAMP (SCR) & New ideas for 3D-2D registration Tobias Sielhorst & Manfred Doetter
Jan 13, 2004 Methods for fast DRR generation Wolfgang Wein & Manfred Doetter

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