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Hauptseminar/Master Seminar: Brain Tumor Treatment - Ethical Standards, Medical Challenges, Technological Future

Prof. Nassir Navab, Dr. Christoph Hennersperger, Julia Rackerseder

Type: Master Seminar Module IN2107, IN4860
SWS: 2
ECTS: 5 Credits
Course Language: English


  • TUM students: Register in the matching system for the course (link). Keep in mind that your chances to be assigned to the course increase if you give it a higher rank in your choices.
  • Exchange students without TUMonline account: Please send a nice mail to Julia Rackerseder to indicate that you want to participate, including your name, your birthday, program of study and immatriculation number (if you already have one). We will then enroll you in the course, given you match the requirements (Master's student).
  • Maximum number of participants: 16


  • [18-01-2017] Initial seminar information page created.
  • [19-01-2017] Preliminary meeting is now scheduled for Thursday, 26-01-17, 2.30 PM, room 03.13.010
  • [20-01-2017] Schedule is now available
  • [22-01-2017] Course details and requirements added
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  • [26-07-2017] Deadline for final report. Please send all your wiki printouts and presentation slides as pdf to Julia


This course will not follow the classical rules for seminars, instead we want you to learn (or improve) how to research topics, summarize and present them. The focus will be on group discussions, where you can practice to defend your point of view in a scientific setting, learn from others and their research as well as how to give constructive feedback.

In each of the (almost) bi-weekly meetings, the tutors give a 10 minute primer on a topic that revolves around brain tumors and you have until the next session to educate yourself on the basis of material we hand out. With the help of your results and questions that come up you create a wiki page for each topic that documents your research and will serve as a knowledge data base after the semester. You work in teams of 2 - 3 students over the whole course.

We will have a designated specialist team for each topic that gives a short (20 - 30 minutes) presentation to start the next meeting. Afterwards the specialists moderate a group discussion (60 min) on the topic with questions they have prepared. On the basis of this discussion all teams can update their wiki pages subsequently. Afterwards assigned partner teams can give each other feedback (10 min) on their wiki spaces to improve them even further.

In the end we grade you on the basis of your participation in discussions, research and wiki. The wiki pages serve as a final report, thus there will be some extra time to work on them in the end.


Students have to participate actively in all seminar sessions. This means in detail:
  • Present at least 1 topic (most likely 2-3, depending on size of the course)
  • Be an active member in group discussions
  • Give good and constructive feedback to other teams. This can also mean telling them what you liked about their work and what you will adopt in future
  • Be a team player
  • Fill your wiki space together with your team

Schedule (Tentative)

Only almost bi-weekly. Please make sure you add the right dates to your calendar!

Date Time Topic Conducted by Location Materials
26JAN2017 1430-1515 Preliminary meeting ("Vorbesprechung") Course Tutors CAMP Seminar Room, 03.13.010  
26APR2017 10:00-12:30 Intro Meeting for further explanations (wiki, …), group up and first topic primer Course Tutors MI 03.08.011, Seminarraum (M1/M7)  
17MAY2017 10:00-12:30 Medical basics Group 4 MI 03.08.011, Seminarraum (M1/M7)  
31MAY2017 10:00-12:30 Medical challenges ... MI 03.08.011, Seminarraum (M1/M7)  
07JUN2017 10:00-12:30 Technical 1 ... MI 03.08.011, Seminarraum (M1/M7)  
21JUN2017 10:00-12:30 Technical 2 ... MI 03.08.011, Seminarraum (M1/M7)  
05JUL2017 10:00-12:30 Technical 3 / Ethical 1 ... MI 03.08.011, Seminarraum (M1/M7)  
12JUL2017 10:00-12:30 Ethical 2 ... MI 03.08.011, Seminarraum (M1/M7)  
19JUL2017 10:00-12:30 Ethical 3 / Feedback session ... MI 03.08.011, Seminarraum (M1/M7)  
26JUL2017 23:59 Deadline for final report ... Please send all your wiki printouts and presentation slides as pdf  


Link to our Wiki

Literature and Helpful Links

A lot of scientific publications can be found online.

The following list may help you to find some further information on your particular topic:

Some publishers:

Libraries (online and offline):

Some further hints for working with references:

  • JabRef is a Java program for comfortable working with Bibtex literature databases. Handy feature: if you know the PubMed ID for an article, JabRef can import data from there (via "Web Search/Medline").
  • Mendeley is a cross-platform program for organising your references.

If you find useful resources that are not already listed here, please tell us, so we can add them for others. Thanks.

Title: Brain Tumor Treatment - Ethical Standards, Medical challenges, Technological Future
Professor: Prof. Dr. Nassir Navab
Tutors: Dr. Christoph Hennersperger, Julia Rackerseder
Type: Hauptseminar
Information: Hauptseminar, SWS: 2, ECTS: 4
Term: 2017SoSe

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