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Computer Aided Medical Procedures (CAMP) - IN2021

  Lecture by Prof. Dr. Nassir Navab & invited speakers.

Module IN2021: 4+0 SWS, 6 ECTS, Praktische Informatik, Wahlfach

Time & Location:

2016 Repeat Exam

  • All students MUST register on TUM online up to 1 week before repeat exam date.
  • Repeat: March 30, 2016 13:30-15:00 @ MW 0001, Gustav-Niemann-Hörsaal (5510.EG.001)

  • 8 questions on the CAMP lectures + 2 questions on invited talks = 10 questions x 10 pts= 100 score
  • Sample questions for the exam: Sample questions
  • Grading method:

Grade Score range
5 45-
4 45 - 50
3.7 50 - 55
3.3 55 - 60
3 60 - 65
2.7 65 - 70
2.3 70 - 75
2 75 - 80
1.7 80 - 85
1.3 85 - 90
1 90+


Computer science is playing an important, increasing role in medical practices. Medical imaging companies are no more asked by physicians to only produce images of anatomy. Instead, they are asked to design software and hardware systems to provide complex computer-aided solutions for diagnosis, intervention and therapy. There are more and more opportunities for computer science graduates to contribute to the development and deployment of medical solutions. Within the operating rooms, there is an increasing need for the integration and visualization of heterogeneous data acquired by numerous sensors.

This course on computer aided medical procedures exposes the students to the challenges of building the operating rooms of the future. The main focus of the course is in imaging technologies especially intra-operative imaging as well as the visualization of this data. Techniques like segmentation and registration will be explained in various classes.

There will be invited guests from the hospital Rechts der Isar and also medical companies in the classes. They will talk about the physical properties and the clinical use of the different modalitries and techniques. The invited guests will be announced in the course schedule below.

Here is a rough overview of the topics that were presented in last year's lecture:

  • Introduction
  • Computer-Aided Surgery and Exemplary Applications
  • Image Processing and Segmentation
  • Registration
  • Basics of Tracking Technologies
  • Visualization and Medical Augmented Reality
  • Surgical Workflow - Analysis, Monitoring and Applications
  • Basics of Radiography (X-Ray, CT etc.) - Physical Properties, Applications, Radiation Therapy
  • Magnetic Resonance Imaging - Basics, Advanced MRI and Applications
  • Ultrasound Imaging
  • Nuclear Medicine (PET/SPECT)

For a more detailed overview, see last year's lecture.


  • Interest in medical image processing


  • Knowledge in medical image acquisition / image modalities
  • Deep insight into medical image computing

This lecture is going to be succeeded by "Computer Aided Medical Procedures 2" (see summer term 2014 CAMP 2 lecture page) (2+2 SWS, 6 ECTS) in the next summer term (which is recommended, but not obligatory).

Course Schedule

A password is needed to access the lecture slides and materials. This will be announced in the first lecture.

Week Type Topic Lecturer Material
Tue, 13/10/15 CAMP INTRODUCTION Prof. Dr. Nassir Navab Introduction
Thu, 15/10/15 CAMP BRIEF HISTORY RADIOLOGY Prof. Dr. Nassir Navab Brief History Radiology
Tue, 20/10/15 CAMP SEGMENTATION 1 Dr. Maximilian Baust Segmentation I supplementary material
Thu, 22/10/15 CAMP SEGMENTATION 2 Dr. Maximilian Baust Segmentation II supplementary material
Tue, 27/10/15 CAMP CT RECONSTRUCTION 1 Dr. Wolfgang Wein CT Reconstruction I
Thu, 29/10/15 CAMP CT RECONSTRUCTION 2 Dr. Wolfgang Wein CT Reconstruction II
Tue, 03/11/15 CAMP MEDICAL ULTRASOUND 1 Dr. Wolfgang Wein Medical Ultrasound I + II
Thu, 05/11/15 CAMP MEDICAL ULTRASOUND 2 Dr. Wolfgang Wein see above
Tue, 10/11/15 CAMP INTENSITY BASED REGISTRATION Prof. Dr. Nassir Navab Intensity-based Registration
Thu, 12/11/15 CAMP FEATURE BASED REGISTRATION Prof. Dr. Nassir Navab Feature-based Registration
Tue, 17/11/15 TRIP IFL    
Thu, 19/11/15 CAMP 3D FREEHAND & INTERVENTIONAL ULTRASOUND Dr. Wolfgang Wein Interventional Ultrasound
Tue, 24/11/15   MID TERM EXAM - bonus marks (min 28/40)   Midterm grades
Solution Key
Thu, 26/11/15 CAMP DEFORMABLE REGISTRATION Prof. Dr. Nassir Navab Deformable Registration
Tue, 01/12/15 CAMP MACHINE LEARNING 1 Dr. Diana Mateus Machine Learning I
Thu, 10/12/15 TRIP BRAINLAB & ZEISS    
Tue, 15/12/15 CAMP MACHINE LEARNING 2 Dr. Tingying Peng Machine Learning II
Thu, 17/12/15 INVITED Innovation Generation and Entrepreneurship in the Healthcare Domain - Start-up Experience Dr. Joerg Traub Entrepreneurship
Tue, 22/12/15 INVITED 2D/3D REGISTRATION & VALIDATION Prof. Franjo Pernus Registration_2D3D
Thu, 07/01/16   NO LECTURE    
Tue, 12/01/16 TRIP SEIMENS    
Thu, 14/01/16 INVITED MRI - BASICS Dr. Stephan Nekolla MRI_basics
Tue, 19/01/16 TRIP BRAINLAB & ZEISS #2    
Thu, 21/01/16 INVITED MRI - ADVANCED Dr. Stephan Nekolla MRI_advanced
Tue, 26/01/16   no class: study for your exams    
Thu, 28/01/16 CAMP NUCLEAR MEDICINE 1 Dr. Benjamin Frisch Nuclear Medicine 1
Tue, 02/02/16 CAMP NUCLEAR MEDICINE 2 Dr. Benjamin Frisch Nuclear Medicine 2
Thu, 17/02/16   FINAL EXAM - 100% final grade    

BrainLab AG

We will meet directly at BrainLAB. We cannot provide a bus for this field trip, so you have to get there by yourselves (you can share cars or go by public transport). The address is BrainLAB AG, Kapellenstr. 12, 85622 Feldkirchen.

time Event Guide
13:00 Introduction to Brainlab and the Recruitment Process Verónica Garíca Caro
13:30 Presentation 1: RT Treatment Planning Jasmine Schrimer
14:30 Coffee Break  
15:00 Presentation 2: Deep Brain Simulation Stefan Achatz, Rebecca Rittsteig
16:00 Company Tour Petra Rinke
16:45 Photo Shooting Sebastian Lumer, Yessica Hurtado

A short extract about using public transport to arrive at Brainlab from the BrainLAB website: "From Munich City take the S2 towards 'Erding/Markt Schwaben'. Exit at the 'Feldkirchen' stop. From here you can take a taxi or the regional bus 263, in the direction 'Messestadt West.' Brainlab is located a few meters walking distance from the 'Kapellenstraße' bus stop."


We will meet directly at Zeiss . We cannot provide a bus for this field trip, so you have to get there by yourselves. The address is KistlerhofStrasse 75 81379 Munich. (Close to Aidenbachstrasse on the U3 line).

Map to Zeiss

Time Activity
13:00-13:30 Welcome talk
13:30-15:30 Lab visit: NAC, Cataract, Microscopy
15:30-16:00 Forum retina workplace


There will be a whole-day field trip to Siemens AG Healthcare in Erlangen. A bus will be provided, bringing students from TUM Garching to the Siemens site and back. The two Siemens sites in Erlangen and Forchheim serve as research and production sites for CT (Computed Tomography), AX (Angiography / X-Ray), MR (Magnetic Resonance Imaging), and SP (Special Products).

Time Activity down
14:00-14:45 Advanced Therapies (AT) Overview AT Products
14:45-15:30 AT/CT factory tour
9:45 break
6:40-8:50 Bus travel to Erlangen, Henkestr. 127
13:15-14:00 Computed Tomography (CT), Overview CT Products
15:30 End of program, bus travel to Munich
11:45-12:45 Lunch, Employeee Restaurant Erlangen
8:50 Meet Mr. Wolfgang Merkel at front desk
11:00-11:45 MR factory tour
10:00-10:45 Processing & Algorithm, room: Kl VS
9:00-9:45 Siemens Healthcare, Magnetic Resonance (MR)
12:45 Transfer to Siemens Healthcare Forchheim with bus


Primary Literature

Secondary Literature

Title: Computer Aided Medical Procedures
Professor: Prof. Nassir Navab, Diana Mateus, Pascal Fallavollita, Amin Katouzian
Type: Lecture
Information: 4 + 0 SWS, 6 ECTS Credits (Module IN 2021)
Term: 2015WiSe

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