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Distributed systems


Results of the search for relevant papers

Configuration-less environments (low-level)

Standard: http://www.zeroconf.org
Example architecture: http://developer.apple.com/documentation/Cocoa/Conceptual/NetServices/NetServices.html

Distributed Frameworks vor AR/VR/MR

Avocado: A distributed virtual environment framework Dissertation von Henrik Tramberend, Technische Fakultät der Universität Bielefeld, März 2003



UbitrackMath, sensor networks

Distributed Graph Algorithms

-- FranzStrasser - 04 Dec 2003

Various Papers

Updating and Querying Databases that Track Mobile Units Daniel
Ouri Wolfson, A. Prasad Sistla, Sam Chamberlain, Yelena Yesha

Providing location information in a ubiquitous computing environment (panel session)
Proceedings of the fourteenth ACM symposium on Operating systems principles table of contents
Mike Spreitzer, Marvin Theimer

Location-aware mobile applications based on directory services Daniel
Proceedings of the 3rd annual ACM/IEEE international conference on Mobile computing and networking
Henning Maaß

A Survey and Taxonomy of Location Systems for Ubiquitous Computing
Jeffrey Hightower and Gaetano Borriello University of Washington

People Tracking with Anonymous and ID-Sensors Using Rao-Blackwellised Particle Filters Martin W.
Dirk Schulz, Dieter Fox, and Jeffrey Hightower Dept. of Computer Science...
Proceedings of the Eighteenth International Joint Conference on Artificial Intelligence (IJCAI)

From Position to Place
Jeffrey Hightower

Decentralized Sensor Fusion with Distributed Particle Filters Daniel
Matt Rosencrantz, Geoffrey Gordon, Sebastian Thrun

Locating Moving Entities in Indoor Environments with Teams of Mobile Robots Daniel
Matthew Rosencrantz, Geoffrey Gordon, Sebastian Thrun

Supporting Location-Awareness in Open Distributed Systems.
Ulf Leonhardt. Ph.D. Thesis, Dept. of Computing, Imperial College London, May 1998.

Analysis of Head Pose Accuracy in Augmented Reality Daniel
Hoff, W. A. and T. Vincent, IEEE Trans. Visualization and Computer Graphics, Vol 6., No. 4, pp. 319-334, 2000.

Autonomous Robots

A Hybrid Framework for Mobile Robot Localization: Formulation Using Switching State-Space Models Daniel
Haris Baltzakis, Panos Trahanias

A Probabilistic Approach to Collaborative Multi-Robot Localization Daniel
Dieter Fox, Wolfram Burgard, Hannes Kruppa, Sebastian Thrun

Decentralized Architecture for Asynchronous Sensors
Eduardo M. Nebot, Mohammad Bozorg, Hugh F. Durrant-Whyte

ACM SIGMOBILE Mobile Computing and Communications Review

The design and applications of a context service
Hui Lei      IBM T. J Watson Research Center, Hawthorne, NY
Daby M. Sow      IBM T. J Watson Research Center, Hawthorne, NY
John S. Davis, II      IBM T. J Watson Research Center, Hawthorne, NY
Guruduth Banavar      IBM T. J Watson Research Center, Hawthorne, NY
Maria R. Ebling      IBM T. J Watson Research Center, Hawthorne, NY

IEEE Pervasive Computing

Managing Context Information in Mobile Devices Daniel
Panu Korpipää, Jani Mäntyjärvi, Juha Kela, Heikki Keränen, Esko-Juhani Malm

PICO: A Middleware Framework for Pervasive Computing Asa
Mohan Kumar, Behrooz Shirazi, Sajal K. Das, Byung Sung, David Levine, University of Texas at Arlington
Mukesh Singhal , University of Kentucky

A Middleware Infrastructure for Active Spaces Asa
Manuel Román, Christopher Hess, Renato Cerqueira, Anand Ranganathan, Roy H. Campbell, Klara Nahrstedt

Reconfigurable Context-Sensitive Middleware for Pervasive Computing Asa
Stephen S. Yau, Fariaz Karim, Yu Wang, Bin Wang, Sandeep K.S. Gupta

System Software for Ubiquitous Computing
Tim Kindberg, Armando Fox

Connecting the physical world with pervasive networks
Estrin, D.   Culler, D.   Pister, K.   Sukhatme, G.

Personal and Ubiquitous Computing

Beyond Position Awareness
Stavros Antifakos A1, Bernt Schiele A1
A1 Perceptual Computing and Computer Vision Group, ETH Zurich, Switzerland

Location Models from the Perspective of Context-Aware Applications and Mobile Ad Hoc Networks Daniel
Martin Bauer A1, Christian Becker A1, Kurt Rothermel A1
A1 Universität Stuttgart, Fakultät Informatik, IPVS, Stuttgart, Germany

Location Models for Augmented Environments Daniel
Joachim Gogmann A1, Marcus Specht A1
A1 Fraunhofer-IMK and Fraunhofer-FIT, Schloss Birlinghoven, Sankt Augustin, Germany

A Location Model for Communicating and Processing of Context
Michael Beigl A1, Tobias Zimmer A1, Christian Decker A1 Daniel
A1 TecO?, University of Karlsruhe, Karlsruhe, Germany

Building Distributed Context-Aware Applications Daniel
Tore Urnes A1, Arne S. Hatlen A1, Pål S. Malm A1, Øystein Myhre A1
A1 Telenor Research and Development, Kjeller, Norway

Better Living Through Geometry
Barry Brumitt A1, Steven Shafer A1
A1 Microsoft Research, One Microsoft Way, Redmond, WA, USA


IEEE Proceedings: http://www.computer.org/proceedings/


Hybrid Indoor and Outdoor Tracking for Mobile 3D Mixed Reality Daniel
Wayne Piekarski, Ben Avery, Bruce H. Thomas, Pierre Malbezin

Personal Positioning based on Walking Locomotion Analysis with Self-Contained Sensors and a Wearable Camera [PDF]
Masakatsu Kourogi, National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology (AIST), Japan
Takeshi Kurata , University of Washington


Mobile Collaborative Augmented Reality [PDF]
Gerhard Reitmayr, Dieter Schmalstieg , Vienna University of Technology


Adapting to Dynamic Registration Errors Using Level of Error (LOE) Filtering
Blair MacIntyre? and Enylton Machado Coelho Graphics

STARS 2003

High-Level Tracker Abstractions for Augmented Reality System Design Daniel
Enylton Machado Coelho and Blair MacIntyre?

Data Management Strategies for Mobile Augmented Reality Daniel
Gerhard Reitmayr and Dieter Schmalstieg


An Adaptive Estimator for Registration in Augmented Reality [PDF] Daniel
Lin Chai, Bill Hoff, Tyrone Vincent, Colorado School of Mines
Khoi Nguyen , SymSystems?, LLC


An Open Middleware for Large-Scale Networked Virtual Environments [PDF] Martin W.
Frédéric Dang Tran, Marina Deslaugiers, Anne Gérodolle, Laurent Hazard, Nicolas Rivierre , France Telecom

Estimating and Adapting to Registration Errors in Augmented Reality Systems [PDF]
Blair MacIntyre?, Enylton Machado Coelho, Georgia Institute of Technology
Simon J. Julier , Naval Research Laboratory


Autocalibration Algorithm for Ultrasonic Location Systems [PDF] Martin W.
Paul Duff, Henk Muller , University of Bristol, U.K.

Personal Position Measurement Using Dead Reckoning [PDF] Martin W.
Cliff Randell, Chris Djiallis, Henk Muller , University of Bristol


Exploring the Dynamic Measurement of Position [PDF]
C. Randell, H. L. Muller


Context Compass
Riku Suomela, Juha Lehikoinen , Nokia Research Center

WearTrack: A Self-Referenced Head and Hand Tracker for Wearable Computers and Portable VR [PDF] Daniel
Eric Foxlin, Michael Harrington , InterSense? Incorporated


MEX: A Distributed Software Architecture for Wearable Computers
Juha Lehikoinen, Jussi Holopainen, Marja Salmimaa, Angelo Aldrovandi , Nokia Research Center

UbiComp 2003

On a Location Model for Fine-Grained Geocast (FULL PAPER)
Frank Dürr and Kurt Rothermel
Institute of Parallel and Distributed Systems (IPVS), University of Stuttgart

User-Friendly Surveying Techniques for Location-Aware Systems (TECHNOTE)
James Scott1 and Mike Hazas2
1 Intel Research Cambridge, 2 Lancaster University

Activity Zones for Context-Aware Computing
Kimberle Koile1, Konrad Tollmar2, David Demirdjian2, Howard Shrobe1 and Trevor Darrell2
1 Agent-Based Intelligent Reactive Environments Group, MIT Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence Laboratory Cambridge, MA 02139,
2 Visual Interface Group, MIT Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence Laboratory Cambridge, MA 02139,

liquid: Context-Aware Distributed Queries (TECHNOTE)
Jeffrey Heer, Alan Newberger, Chris Beckmann, and Jason I. Hong
Group for User Interface Research, Computer Science Division, University of California, Berkeley

UbiComp 2002

A Generic Location Event Simulator
Kumaresan Sanmugalingam A1, George Coulouris A1
A1 Laboratory for Communications Engineering, Department of Engineering, Cambridge University, Cambridge, UK

A Hybrid Location Model with a Computable Location Identifier for Ubiquitous Computing
Changhao Jiang A1, Peter Steenkiste A2
A1 Computer Science Department
A2 Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering Carnegie Mellon University 5000 Forbes Avenue, Pittsburgh, PA 15213, U.S.A.

UbiComp 2001

A Probabilistic Room Location Service for Wireless Networked Environments
Paul Castro A1, Patrick Chiu A2, Ted Kremenek A1, Richard Muntz A1
A1 UCLA, Department of Computer Science Los Angeles, CA, 90095, USA
A2 FX Palo Alto Laboratory 3400 Hillview Ave, Bldg 4, Palo Alto, CA 94304, USA

Location Information Managment
Hani Naguib A1, George Coulouris A1
A1 Laboratory for Communications Engineering, Cambridge University

Pervasive 2002

Modeling Context Information in Pervasive Computing Systems
Karen Henricksen A1, Jadwiga Indulska A1, Andry Rakotonirainy A1
A1 School of Information Technology and Electrical Engineering The University of Queensland St Lucia QLD 4072 Australia


Pervasive Information Acquisition for Mobile AR-Navigation Systems [PDF] Daniel
Wolfgang Narzt, Gustav Pomberger, Alois Ferscha, Johannes Kepler University Linz
Dieter Kolb, Reiner Müller, Jan Wieghardt, Siemens AG
Horst Hörtner, Christopher Lindinger , Ars Electronica Center Future Lab

Real-world Implementation of the Location Stack: The Universal Location Framework [PDF] Daniel
David Graumann, Intel Corporation
Jeffrey Hightower, Univ. of Washington
Walter Lara, Intel Corporation
Gaetano Borriello , Univ. of Washington/ Intel Research Seattle


The Location Stack: A Layered Model for Location in Ubiquitous Computing [PDF] Daniel
Jeffrey Hightower, University of Washington
Barry Brumitt, Microsoft Research
Gaetano Borriello , University of Washington and Intel Research

Context Aggregation and Dissemination in Ubiquitous Computing Systems [PDF] Daniel
Guanling Chen, David Kotz , Dartmouth College

HUC 99

Scalable and Flexible Location-Based Services for Ubiquitous Information Access
R. José A1, N. Davies A1
A1 Information Systems Department, University of Minho, Azurém, 4800 Guimaraes, Portugal
A2 Distributed Multimedia Research Group, Department of Computing, Lancaster University, Bailrigg, Lancaster, LA1 4YR, UK

Using Spatial Co-location for Coordination in Ubiquitous Computing Environments
Michael Beigl A1
A1 Telecooperation Office (TecO), University of Karlsruhe, Vincenz-Prießnitz-Str. 1, D-76131 Karlsruhe, Germany


Viel Routing-Zeugs in Adhoc-Netzen...

MobiCom? 03

Towards realistic mobility models for mobile ad hoc networks Daniel
Amit Jardosh      University of California at Santa Barbara, Santa Barbara, CA
Elizabeth M. Belding-Royer      University of California at Santa Barbara, Santa Barbara, CA
Kevin C. Almeroth      University of California at Santa Barbara, Santa Barbara, CA
Subhash Suri      University of California at Santa Barbara, Santa Barbara, CA

Range-free localization schemes for large scale sensor networks Daniel
Tian He      University of Virginia, Charlottesville, VA
Chengdu Huang      University of Virginia, Charlottesville, VA
Brian M. Blum      University of Virginia, Charlottesville, VA
John A. Stankovic      University of Virginia, Charlottesville, VA
Tarek Abdelzaher      University of Virginia, Charlottesville, VA

MobiCom? 01

Dynamic fine-grained localization in Ad-Hoc networks of sensors Daniel
Andreas Savvides, Chih-Chieh Han, Mani B. Strivastava

MobiCom? 00

The Cricket location-support system
Nissanka B. Priyantha, Anit Chakraborty, Hari Balakrishnan

Tracking mobile users with uncertain parameters
Zohar Naor

MobiCom? 99

Next century challenges: Nexus—an open global infrastructure for spatial-aware applications Daniel
Fritz Hohl, Uwe Kubach, Alexander Leonhardi, Kart Rothermel, Markus Schwehm

MobiCom? 98

Multi-sensor location tracking
Ulf Leonhardt, Jeff Magee


Calibration as parameter estimation in sensor networks Daniel
Kamin Whitehouse      UC Berkeley, Berkeley, CA
David Culler      UC Berkeley, Berkeley, CA

GHT: a geographic hash table for data-centric storage Daniel
Sylvia Ratnasamy      ICIR/ICSI, Berkeley, CA
Brad Karp      ICIR/ICSI, Berkeley, CA
Li Yin      Berkeley EECS, Berkeley, CA
Fang Yu      Berkeley EECS, Berkeley, CA
Deborah Estrin      UCLA Comp. Sci., LA, CA
Ramesh Govindan      USC Comp. Sci., LA, CA
Scott Shenker      ICIR/ICSI, Berkeley, CA

MobiHOC? 01

Hauptsächlich sehr technische Aspekte von mobilen und ad-hoc Drahtlosnetzen. Routing, Sicherheit, Performance, Energieverbrauch, Antennen, Sensornetze...

Localized algorithms in wireless ad-hoc networks: location discovery and sensor exposure
Seapahn Meguerdichian, Sasa Slijepcevic, Vahag Karayan, Miodrag Potkonjak


Engineering Statistics for Multi-Object Tracking
Ronald Mahler , Lockheed Martin Tactical Systems

A Particle Filter to Track Multiple Objects [PDF] Martin W.
Carine Hue, Jean-Pierre Le Cadre, IRISA, Campus de Beaulieu
Patrick Pérez , Microsoft Research

Multiple Camera Fusion for Multi-Object Tracking
Shiloh L. Dockstader, A. Murat Tekalp , University of Rochester

MobiDE 03

Context-oriented programming
Roger Keays      Queensland University of Technology, Brisbane, Australia
Andry Rakotonirainy      Queensland University of Technology, Brisbane, Australia

Probabilistic range queries in moving objects databases with uncertainty
Goce Trajcevski      University of Illinois at Chicago, Chicago, IL

IEEE PerCom? 03

Using Personnel Movements for Indoor Autonomous Environment Discovery [PDF]
R. K. Harle, A. Hopper , University of Cambridge

Location-Detection Strategies in Pervasive Computing Environments
Sebastian Fischmeister, Guido Menkhaus, Alexander Stumpfl , University of Salzburg

Dealing with Continuous Location-Dependent Queries: Just-in-Time Data Refreshment
Sergio Ilarri, Eduardo Mena, University of Zaragoza
Arantza Illarramendi , University of the Basque Country

Spatial Index on Air
Baihua Zheng, Hong Kong University of Science and Technology
Wang-Chien Lee, Penn State University
Dik Lun Lee , Hong Kong University of Science and Technology

BASE — A Micro-Broker-Based Middleware for Pervasive Computing [PDF]
Christian Becker, Gregor Schiele, Holger Gubbels, Kurt Rothermel , University of Stuttgart

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