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Human Tracking and Motion Analysis from a Single Camera In Indoor Environments

Talk by Ovgu Ozturk


Analysis of human behavior in public places is an important topic. It is critical to know how humans move in public spaces, how they react to surroundings, how they show attention to the objects of interest. We present a human tracking system which tracks a person under random motions and propose a new method to find the orientation of the body, moreover orientation of the head. In addition to this, considering our aim to analyze human behavior in public places, we have developed an interactive entertainment system which employs multiple-human tracking from a single camera is presented. The proposed system robustly tracks people in an indoor environment and displays their future footsteps in front of them in real-time.


Ovgu Ozturk received her B.S. degree in Electrical and Electronics Engineering Department from Middle East Technical University in Ankara, Turkey, in 2003. She came to the University of Tokyo to proceed her career with the Japanese Government Scholarship, and received her M.Eng. degree from the same university in Tokyo, Japan, in 2006. She has experience in image processing hardware and software algorithms/system design, development. Her research interests are in the area of object recognition, human tracking, pose estimation and machine learning for computer vision. Currently, she is pursuing her PhD? studies in the Department of Frontier Informatics, the University of Tokyo. She is a member of Aizawa-Yamasaki Laboratory at the University of Tokyo.

Title: Human Tracking and Motion Analysis from a Single Camera In Indoor Environments
Date: 14 April 2010
Location: MI 03.13.010
Abstract: Talk by Ovgu Ozturk from the University of Tokyo on multiple-human tracking from a single camera with the aim of analyzing human behavior in public places.
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Type: News

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