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Distance Visualization for HMD Interaction


In this project the student should think about various methods to support the depth perception in a 3DUI scenario including an Head Mounted-Display (HMD) with a rigidly mounted finger tracking device. The finger tracking is used to track user's finger with respect to the HMD, such that the user can interact with virtual graphics shown in 3D space. As an example you might think of a virtual object (e.g. globe) and a user that might want to rotate this object. The idea is to rotate the virtual object, just like it would happen in a real-world (physical) scenario. The setup so far shows that it is hard for the user to understand when he touches the virtual object, maybe due to missing haptic and/or visual feedback.

The students' task is to think about visual methods that support user's depth perception in the above AR (Augmented Reality) interaction scenario. At least three promising methods should be implemented by the student and a scientific evaluation should be carried out to proof if these methods support the user task or not. The underlying principles in depth perception of the human eye/brain have been subject to researchers since many years, especially in the context of VR. This experiment should evaluate the applicability of some of these findings in AR scenarios in a simple way.

Hardware Setup User view
Hardware Setup (HMD with Leap) User View (looks better in reality wink )

Available resources during the project

  • Head Mounted Display, e.g. from Vuzix
  • Leap Motion, a new Finger-Tracking device
  • etc.

Student tasks (What you will have to do)

  • Literature research in 3DUIin general, Text Input evaluations, and User Interfaces
  • Documentary research of the needed tools and technology (Self-Introduction in the used technology)
  • Time scheduling of the whole thesis
  • Implementation of the three different methods
  • Write the study design and study protocol
  • Evaluate the implementation in an exhaustive user study to achieve results meeting requirements of a scientific publication
  • Analyze evaluation results
  • Write your thesis (in english)

Student requirements (what you should already know)

  • Unity 3D experience or another 3D (gaming) environment of his choice
  • Basic knowledge of 3D Modelling (Polygons, Meshes, Textures, etc.)


Title: Distance Visualization for HMD Interaction
Student: Maximilian Tharr
Director: Prof. Gudrun Klinker
Supervisor: Yuta Itoh, Christian Waechter
Type: DA/MA/BA
Area: Registration / Visualization, Industrial Augmented Reality
Status: finished
Thesis (optional):  

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