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BOOPS: Breast RegistratiOn fOr Plastic Surgery,

Thesis by: Martin Sälzle
Advisor: Nassir Navab
Supervision by: Christian Wachinger, Tobias Blum In cooperation with: Klinik und Poliklinik für Plastische Chirurgie und Handchirurgie, Klinikum Rechts der Isar, Technische Universität München


Patients suffer from emotional pain as well as physical hurt due to body or skin deformation caused by e.g. laceration, burns, amputation, e.g. the removal of the whole breast as the result of cancer diagnosis. Many operations in plastic surgery, such as face or breast reconstruction, base on intensive preoperative planning.

3D models can help in preoperative planning. Currently, our medical partner uses a 3D laser scanner to obtain a 3D model. Such laser scanners provide depth information from one view. To get a full model of the patient, views from different directions have to be taken. This information has to be combined afterwards, which is a time consuming task.

The goal of this project is to automate the registration of several partially overlapping 3D scans. This problem is similar to the well known image stitching to generate panorama photos or Ultrasound Mosaicing.

Image of 3D segmented breast

3D depth image
This images shows the depth information of a human head obtained with a laser scanner. In this project multiple such images of the human torso, taken from different directions, have to be automatically registered.



  • Optimization of 3-dimensional imaging of the breast region with 3-dimensional laser scanners. Kovacs L, Yassouridis A, Zimmermann A, Brockmann G, Wöhnl A, Blaschke M, Eder M, Schwenzer-Zimmerer K, Rosenberg R, Papadopulos NA, Biemer E.
  • New aspects of breast volume measurement using 3-dimensional surface imaging. Kovacs L, Eder M, Hollweck R, Zimmermann A, Settles M, Schneider A, Udosic K, Schwenzer-Zimmerer K, Papadopulos NA, Biemer E.
  • Comparison between breast volume measurement using 3D surface imaging and classical techniques. Kovacs L, Eder M, Hollweck R, Zimmermann A, Settles M, Schneider A, Endlich M, Mueller A, Schwenzer-Zimmerer K, Papadopulos NA, Biemer E.
  • Computer aided surgical reconstruction after complex facial burn injuries -- opportunities and limitations. Kovacs L, Zimmermann A, Wawrzyn H, Schwenzer K, Seitz H, Tille C, Papadopulos NA, Sader R, Zeilhofer HF, Biemer E.

Title: BOOPS: Breast RegistratiOn fOr Plastic Surgery
Student: Martin Sälzle
Director: Nassir Navab
Supervisor: Christian Wachinger,Tobias Blum
Type: DA/MA/BA
Area: Registration / Visualization
Status: finished
Thesis (optional):  

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