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Diplomarbeit / Masterarbeit / Bachelor thesis (DA/MA/BA): Dynamic analysis of coronary arteries in a fluoroscopy sequence

Thesis by:
Advisor: Professor Nassir Navab
Supervision by: Pascal Fallavollita
Due date:


Coronary heart disease is the leading cause of mortality worldwide. One area to focus on is atherosclerosis, which results from the build-up of plaque in the arteries when fatty substances gradually accumulate within the inner walls of the arteries. Eventually, the accumulation grows large enough to harden the plaque and almost completely block the blood flow within the artery. Quite frequently balloon or stent procedures are applied in order to re-establish normal blood flow in the blocked artery. These devices are inflated to compress the plaque against the artery wall, in a procedure known as angioplasty. Cardiologists make use of single-view angiographic images by looking at the X-ray fluoroscopy monitor during interventions; it would be advantageous to reconstruct the arteries in 3D, and track their dynamics in one cardiac cycle using only X-ray fluoroscopy.

Objectives: The aim of the project is to track the artery motion using single-view fluoroscopy sequence using level set and epipolar formulations with the aim of predicting the positions of the artery for a given time instant.


  • MATLAB and/or C++ knowledge
  • Interest in medical imaging and computer assisted surgery.
  • Basic knowledge of 3D reconstruction, segmentation and computer vision is recommendable.

What do we offer

  • Experience different fields of research in computer science: Computer Vision, Visualization, Software Engineering.
  • A possibility of solving a still-pending clinical problem.
  • Your thesis and degree. (and also submission to prestigious conferences/journals depending on student performance)


If you are interested please contact Pascal Fallavollita

Title: Dynamic analysis of coronary arteries in a fluoroscopy sequence
Director: Prof. Dr. Nassir Navab
Supervisor: Dr. Pascal Fallavollita
Type: DA/MA/BA
Status: finished
Thesis (optional):  

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