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Diplomarbeit: Optical See-Through HMD Calibration

Student: Sven Hennauer
Supervisor: Dipl.Inf. Martin Bauer
Professor: Prof. Gudrun Klinker, Ph.D., Prof. Dr. Nassir Navab
Submission date: 15. Juli 2005


Augmented reality (AR) applications enhance the user ’s view of the real world with ad- ditional computer-generated information. Typical display devices in AR systems are head- mounted displays (HMDs) which allow the user to be independent from stationary monitors and thus make it possible to move around freely while working with the system. In order to be able to display the virtual information at the correct location in the HMD, it has to be calibrated before it can be used effectively. While video see-through HMD calibration exhibits no major difficulties, calibrating optical see-through displays is more complicated for several reasons. Since the calibration basically has to be conducted for each person individually and whenever the user starts working with the AR application, fast and user-friendly calibration procedures are crucial for the acceptance of such systems. This thesis introduces the formal foundations and their implications of HMD calibration in general and optical see-through calibration in particular. Afterwards, several approaches and specific methods for the calibration of optical see-through HMDs are presented. With the calibration procedures SPAAM and EasySPAAM on the one hand and DRC on the other hand, two fundamentally different methods are analyzed in detail. These approaches are compared with respect to their accuracy and effectiveness by means of a user study and de- tailed analyses. Finally, some modifications and their impact on the accuracy are described. The purpose of this thesis is to give an overview of current calibration methods for optical see-through HMDs as well as to depict their strengths and weaknesses. Furthermore, it is supposed to assist the reader in choosing the appropriate approach for his specific applica- tion and to give hints for future developments.



Title: Optical See-Through HMD Calibration
Abstract: Evaluation of the performance of different algorithms for optical see-through head mounted dispalys (HMDs) thatare known from the literature under the same conditions and using a large set of different HMDs. Goal of the project is to provide recommendations on which algorithm to use and propose extensions and improvements to the existing algorithms.
Student: Sven Hennauer
Director: Gudrun Klinker, Nassir Navab
Supervisor: Martin Bauer
Type: Diploma Thesis
Status: finished
Start: 2005/01/15
Finish: 2005/07/15

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