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Convenience methods for multi-marker tracking


  • Read source code
  • Include "Marker Directory" in "MarkerConfig" file
  • Put Marker-Bundle in its own thread
    • New thread method
    • Queue for input images
    • Start marker bundle when enough data is gathered (parameter), e.g. new marker visisble in at least two images, at least two markers visible
  • Improve "Find markers"
    • sometimes wrong marker ids are detected
    • sometimes a single marker is detected with multiple possible marker ids (only one of them is right)
  • Store Marker calibrations as Pose instead of 3D Points, when reading calibration convert to 3D Point list for world map
  • Default size for markers in "MarkerConfig"
  • Input Image should be undistored, set "Distortion Parameter" for marker bundle to 0 and remove "Distortion" input edge
  • Check that input image is gray scale, else throw UbitrackException?
  • Disable marker bundle console output through parameter
  • Advanced: Is it useful to refine marker poses during tracking using pose refinement (look at standard markertracker)? Only refinement of the 2D corners is needed
  • Advanced: Improve marker bundle, what needs to be done to reuse already calibrated marker poses in the bundle adjustment network? Are covariances available for the calculated marker poses?

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