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Skin Segmentation

General Info

Thesis by: Alexander Schoch
Advisor: Professor Nassir Navab
Supervision by: Alexandru Duliu
Contact: Alexandru Duliu
Status: Finished


Skin segmentation plays an important role in multi-view reconstruction of human limbs from color or multispectral images. In this approach regions of the input images are segmented in order to produce an initial estimate of the regions where skin is present. These regions will be further processed in later stages to extract a mask of the object of interest.

These masks play an important role in multi-view reconstructions as they offer information about which pixels are relevant for the reconstruction and also provide the silhouette of the object, increasing the accuracy and reliability of the reconstruction.


The project will be divided into multiple work-packages:
  • Colorimetric Segmentation involves that the student implement a robust detection of foreground and background pixels. This stage will also assume that image pixels geometrically outside the background be excluded from the segmentation.
  • Random Walk Segmentation will require reliable seed pixels on both foreground and background. The algorithm will then effectively separate the two regions from each other. The student will be tasked with integrating a C++ implementation of this algorithm.


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Title: Skin Segmentation
Abstract: The student is tasked to prepare a documented software package which segments skin from either color or gray-scale images.
Student: Alexander Schoch
Director: Professor Nassir Navab
Supervisor: Alexandru Duliu
Type: IDP/Klinisches Anwendungsprojekt
Area: Medical Imaging, Computer Vision
Status: finished
Thesis (optional):  

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