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AR Lab

Demo Notebooks

There are two Demo Notebooks available for general lab and demo purposes

  • Mr Pink
  • Mr Blue

Steps to make a raw backup:

  • Attach Mr Pink or Mr Blue to Ethernet (WLAN won't do)
  • Boot ACRONIS Software (fetch CD from Patrick Maier, press F12 to enter boot menu)
  • Choose category Backup
  • Choose My Computer to make a raw backup of all harddisks (don't panic, they will be compressed)
  • Select all harddisks for backup, press next
  • Select a storage location for the backup
    • Choose *Network neighborhood"
    • Choose Camp as workgroup
    • Choose campdata
    • Enter your login credentials (don't check the NT-authentification checkbox and don't forget to prepend your login with CAMP\)
    • Press the long button to check the connection. It should be successful.
    • Go to directory \\CAMPDATA\staff\FAR\DemoNotebooks\hdd_image\
    • Choose a suitable filename
    • Press OK
  • Select new backup archive and press Next
  • Select Complete and press Next twice
  • Under compression rate, choose high, press Next
  • Enter a comment, if you like, press Next
  • Press complete
  • Go and cook coffee for the others



Hardware setup of the tracking system on atnavab35

  • Networkadapter with 4 connectors for the camera data
  • Network adapter with 4 BNC Connectors for the camera sync signals

Marker Balls

  • they are expensive, so take care of them
  • if you need some, see MarkerKugeln


  • Settings/Network:
    • UDP addresses for the three computer atnavab14-16
      • Port 5000
      • Port 5000
      • Port 5000
    • Data Divisor 3
    • Output only 6D
    • Protocol ASCII


ART Calibration
ART Calibration

If you need to calibrate the room (and you need to), this is how you do:

  • make sure the Tablebeamer is started in full screen mode
  • Calibrate te TableBeamer
  • place angle bracket so that bottom left corner of image is on middle of corner marker
  • hide all other markers, make sure cameras show "0"
  • In D-Track: Calibrate -> Room -> Continue
  • Wave around D-Track wand and make sure all cameras show "6" most of the time, this takes a couple seconds
  • Check results, select ok

You sometimes need to recalibrate bodies in D-Track, if you had to, this is how:

  • Settings -> Tracking -> number of 6d bodies: 6
  • Calibrate -> Body , due to body. Then wave the above bodies, one by one.

To add new bodies do the following:

  • In D-Track: Settings increase number of 6d bodies by one
  • Settings -> Advanced : Set body active
  • Settings -> Advanced -> body n Setting : Edit the name of the new body
  • Hide all other bodies
  • Place the new body on the table and make sure that all cameras can see all markerballs
  • Calibrate -> Body, due to body
  • Check results, select OK

Table Beamer (on atnavab16)

Table Beamer Table Beamer Remote
Table Beamer and its remote control

The TableBeamer is a Hitachi CP-X328.


The X server on atnavab16 is configured to use two seperate screens

X-Display Screen
0.0 Monitor
0.1 Table Beamer

To start programms on the second display simply start them with the -display=:x.y commandline option. This does not work with the viewer, since no variables can be set in the ServiceDescription's startCommand. You will have to write a small shell script to change the display environment variable:

export DISPLAY=:0.1


By convention adjust beamer image width to 1m on the projection table.

Wireless LAN (AR-Lab)

Some nive text about the AR-Lab named W-Lan.

See Through Laptop (lapnavab49)

  • This a HP tablet PC running Linux and Windows XP on dual boot. See FarComputers

Sound System (Dolby 5.1) (on atnavab14)

Sound System
Sound System

The Sound System is a XXX.

In correspondence to the ART calibration which defines the negative Z-axis towards the south, the center speaker is placed in te south as well (TODO).

Sony Glasstron PLM-S700E

Two computers are configured for the Sony Glastron HMD:
  • the tabletpc wnavab14
  • atnavab15

Just put it on the second monitor plug. It is configured in Twinview Clone mode and display exactly the same Screen as the main monitor. Make shure the batteries of the HMD are loaded.


The Intersense Tracking System is not installed at the moment. This may be part of future work.





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