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Associate Professor Dr.-Ing. Kuangyu Shi

Kuangyu Shi
Associate Professor Dr.-ing Kuangyu Shi
Senior Scientist Head of Lab for Artificial Intelligence & Translational Theranostics
Email:k.shi@tum.de Email:kuangyu.shi@dbmr.unibe.ch
Address: Address:
Chair for Computer Aided Medical Procedures & Augmented Reality
Fakultät für Informatik
Technische Universität München
Boltzmannstr. 3
85748 Garching b. München
Lab for Artificial Intelligence & Translational Theranostics
Dept. Nuclear Medicine
University of Bern
3010 Bern

Research Focus

  • Translational molecular imaging computing
  • Deep learning for computer-aided diagnosis
  • Computational modeling of molecular imaging and tumor microenvironment

Short CV

  • 04/2018 – present
    Lab for Artificial Intelligence & Translational Theranostics Dept. Nuclear Medicine, Inselspital, University of Bern, Switzerland
    • Head of Lab for Artificial Intelligence & Translational Theranostics

  • 04/2018 – present
    Chair for Computer-aided Medical Procedures, Dept. Informatics, Technical University of Munich, Germany
    • Senior scientist

  • 05/2018
    Dept. Informatics, Technical University of Munich, Germany
    • Habilitation

  • 12/2011 – 03/2018
    Dept. Nuclear Medicine, Technical University of Munich, Germany
    • Head of subgroup for translational molecular imaging computing supported by Prof. Sibylle Ziegler and Prof. Markus Schwaiger

  • 12/2008 – 11/2011
    Dept. Radiation Oncology & Dept. Nuclear Medicine, Technical University of Munich, Germany
    • Postdoctoral researcher

  • 02/2005 – 11/2008
    Max-Planck Institute for Computer Science, Saarbrücken, Germany
    • Ph.D in Computer Science, supervised by Prof. Holger Theisel and Prof. Hans-Peter Seidel

  • 10/2003 – 01/2005
    International Max-Planck Research School, Saarbrücken, Germany
    • Master in Computer Science

  • 09/1999 – 07/2003
    Nanjing University, China
    • Bachelor in Computer Science & Bachelor in Physics


WS2018/19, SS2018 Introduction to Artificial Intelligence in Medical Imaging for NonInformatics? Scientists
WS2017/18 Introduction to Informatic I for Engineering Science (with Prof. Bjoern Menze)
SS2009-SS2018 Medical Imaging Technology (with Prof. Sibylle Ziegler)
WS2009/2010-SS2017 Preclinical Imaging (with Prof. Gil Westmeyer and Prof. Sibylle Ziegler)
WS2016/2017 Pharmacokinetics and Metabolism in Molecular Imaging (with PD Dr. Behrooz Yousefi)
SS2014-WS2016/2017 Image-based Biomedical Modeling (with Prof. Bjoern Menze)
SS2016 Computational Physiology for Medical Image Computing (with Prof. Bjoern Menze)
WS2010-WS2012 Computer Aided Medical Procedure I (with Prof. Nassir Navab)

Open Positions

In my group in TU Munich, we have several topics for master and bachelor thesis.

My lab in Bern is opening several PhD and Postdoc positions:

Candidates in computer science, bio-medical engineering, medicine, biology or related fields with interest in participating in an interdisciplinary team of international scientists and motivation in develop-ing/establishing cutting-edge technologies and methods for molecular imaging and radionuclide therapy are encouraged to apply. The salaries of these positions are according to the standard of University of Bern.

Candidates are expected to have
• Strong communication and collaboration skills
• A good command of English
• Strong motivation in clinically translational research

and in-depth knowledge in at least one of the following fields:
• Machine learning, deep learning and programming with python
• Image processing, computer vision and programming with related language
• Semiconductor detector, nuclear physics and Monte-Carlo simulation
• Computational simulation, finite-element method and programming with related language
• Neuroimaging, clinical neuroscience and data analysis
• Tumor imaging, clinical oncology and data analysis
• Molecular biology, organoid and preclinical experiments

Applicants are requested to send a motivation letter, CV and the names and two recommendation letters to PD Dr. Kuangyu Shi and Prof. Dr. Axel Rominger, email: kuangyu.shi@dbmr.unibe.ch and axel.rominger@insel.ch before 15.12.2019.


  • T Grimmer†∗, K Shi†∗, J Diehl-Schmid, B Natale, A Drzezga, S Frster, H Frstl, M Schwaiger, I Yakushev, HJ Wester, A Kurz, BH Yousefi. 18F-FIBT may expand PET for -amyloid imaging in neurodegenerative diseases. Mol Psychiatry 2018 Aug 17 († Equal contribution)

  • L. Xu, G. Tetteh, J. Lipkova, Y. Zhao, H. Li, P. Christ, M. Piraud, A. Buck, K. Shi†∗ and B. H. Menze†. Automated Whole-Body Bone Lesion Detection for Multiple Myeloma on 68GaPentixafor PET/CT Imaging Using Deep Learning Methods. Contrast Media Mol Imaging, Epub online Jan. 2018 († Equal contribution, * Corresponding author)

  • L Xu, P Vaupel, BH Menze, K Shi. Impact of Temporal Heterogeneity of Acute Hypoxia on the Radiation Response of Experimental Tumors. Adv Exp Med Biol 2018;1072:189-194

  • L. Xu, P. Vaupel, S. Bai, B. H. Menze, K. Shi. Computational Simulation of Tumor Hypoxia Based on in vivo Microvasculature Assessed in a Dorsal Skin Window Chamber. Adv Exp Med Biol 2017;977:109-117

  • K. Shi, C. Bayer, F. Gaertner, S. T. Astner, J.J. Wilkens, F. Nuesslin, P. Vaupel, S. I. Ziegler. Matching the reaction-diffusion simulation to dynamic [18F]FMISO PET measurements in tumors: extension to a flow-limited oxygen-dependent model. Physiol Meas 2017; 38 (2): 188-204

  • K. Shi, S. Fu¨rst, L. Sun, M. Lukas, N. Navab, S. F¨orster, S. I. Ziegler. Individual refinement of attenuation correction maps for hybrid PET/MR based on multi-resolution regional learning. Comput Med Imaging Graph 2017; in press

  • H. Zhang, P. Wu, S. I. Ziegler, Y. Guan, Y. Wang, J. Ge, M. Schwaiger, S. C. Huang, C. Zuo, S. F¨orster, K Shi. Data-driven Identification of Intensity Normalization Region based on Longitudinal Coherency of 18F-FDG Metabolism in the Healthy Brain. NeuroImage? 2017; 146:589-599

  • Z. Liu, Z. Jian, Q. Wang, T. Cheng, B. Feuerecker, M. Schwaiger, S.-C. Huang, S. I. Ziegler, K. Shi. A Continuously Infused Microfluidic Radioassay System for the Characterization of Cellular Pharmacokinetics. J Nucl Med 2016; 57(10):1548-1555

  • K. Shi, C. Bayer, S. T. Astner, F. C. Gaertner, P. Vaupel, M. Schwaiger, S. C. Huang, S. I. Ziegler. Quantitative Analysis of [18F]FMISO PET for Tumor Hypoxia: Correlation of Modeling Results with Immunohistochemistry. Mol Imaging Biol 2017; 19(1):120-129

  • K. Shi, S. I. Ziegler, P Vaupel. Molecular imaging of tumor hypoxia: Existing problems and their potential model-based solutions. Adv Exp Med Biol 2016; 923:87-93

  • Q. Wang, Z. Liu, S. I. Ziegler, K. Shi. Enhancing spatial resolution of 18F positron imaging with the timepix detector by classification of primary fired pixels using support vector machine. Phys Med Biol 2015; 60(13):5261-5278

  • X. Cheng, Z. Li, Z. Liu, N. Navab, S. C. Huang, U. Keller, S. I. Ziegler, K. Shi. Direct Parametric Image Reconstruction in Reduced Parameter Space for Rapid Multi-Tracer PET Imaging. IEEE Trans Med Imaging 2015; 34(7):1498-1512

  • Q. Wang, P. Vaupel, S. I. Ziegler, K. Shi. Exploring the quantitative relationship between metabolism and enzymatic phenotype by physiological modeling of glucose metabolism and lactate oxidation in solid tumors. Phys Med Biol 2015; 60(6): 2547-2571

  • X. Cheng, C. Bayer, C. A. Maftei, S. T. Astner, P. Vaupel, S. I. Ziegler, K. Shi. Preclinical evaluation of parametric image reconstruction of [18F]FMISO PET: correlation with ex vivo immunohistochemistry. Phys Med Biol 2014;59(2):347-62

  • Q. Wang, J. Tous, Z. Liu, S. I. Ziegler, K. Shi. Evaluation of Timepix Silicon Detector for the Detection of 18F Positrons. J Inst 2014

  • K. Shi, M. Souvatzoglou, S.T. Astner, P. Vaupel, F. Nu¨sslin, J. J. Wilkens, S. I. Ziegler. Quantitative assessment of hypoxia kinetic models by a cross-study of dynamic 18F-FAZA and 15OH2O in patients with head and neck tumors. J Nucl Med, 51(9) 2010

  • K. Shi, H. Theisel, T. Weinkauf, H. C. Hege and H. P. Seidel. Visualizing Transport Structures of Time-dependent Flow Fields. IEEE Computer Graphics and Applications, 28(5), 2008

  • K. Shi, H. Theisel, T. Weinkauf, H. Hauser, H. C. Hege and H.-P. Seidel. Extracting Separation Surfaces of Path-line Oriented Topology in Periodic 2D Time-Dependent Vector Fields. Journal of WSCG, 2007

Title: Prof. Dr.
Circumference of your head (in cm):  
Firstname: Kuangyu
Lastname: Shi
Birthday: 24.05.1980
Nationality: China
Languages: English, German, Chinese
Groups: Segmentation, Reconstruction, Medical Imaging, Molecular Imaging, Machine Learning for Medical Applications
Expertise: Registration/Visualization, Segmentation, Medical Imaging, Molecular Imaging
Position: Scientific Staff
Status: Active
Emailbefore: k.shi
Emailafter: tum.de
Room: IFL
Telephone: 017624007237

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