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Dr. Vasileios Zografos

Vasileios Zografos

TU München
Boltzmannstr. 11
D-85748 Garching

Tel: +49 89 289 10841

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Multi Organ segmentation without registration


  1. Vasileios Zografos, Alexander Valentinitsch, Markus Rempfler, Federico Tombari, Bjoern Menze Hierarchical multi-organ segmentation without registration in 3D abdominal CT images, MCV workshop (MICCAI 2015)
  2. Vasileios Zografos, Reiner Lenz, Erik Ringaby, Michael Felsberg, Klas Nordberg Fast segmentation of sparse 3D point trajectories using group theoretical invariants, ACCV 2014
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  13. Vasileios Zografos, Klas Nordberg, Liam Ellis Sparse motion segmentation using multiple six-point consistencies. VECTaR workshop (with ACCV) 2010
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Title: Dr.
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Firstname: Vasileios
Lastname: Zografos
Picture: vasileios.JPG
Nationality: Blank
Languages: English
Position: Scientific Staff
Status: Alumni
Emailbefore: vasileios
Telephone: +49 89 289 10841

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