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Thesis for Master of Science in Medizintechnik (TUM)

Title: Workflow analysis for tumor resection procedures and evaluation of potential applications for radio-guided surgery
Abstract: Cancer is the second main cause of death in Europe after circulatory diseases. Malignant neoplasm is responsible for approximately a fourth of all deaths accounting for 28.5% of male deaths and 22.0% of female deaths. The early detection of cancer and the optimization of treatment is the best way to improve the length and the quality of life of several millions European patients every year. Surgery is nowadays still the best way to completely treat tumor tissue. New medical methods and instruments thus should be developed with the aim of helping the surgeon to complete the operation in a more effective and less invasive way. In the last decades, an alternative method to the conventional operation has been developed to detect the tumor and control the tumor ground and margin by including so called nuclear probes. Their application in what is called radio-guided surgery succeeds commonly after the injection of a radiotracer to the patient. This radiotracer enriches in areas of particular interest and can thus be located in the operation room using proper the said nuclear probes. These probes are a relatively new tool in cancer resection. Of particular interest are high-energy gamma probes and beta probes, as they are highly suited to use with new positron emission tomography tracers. This study is devised theoretical to examine the feasibility of using such a hand-held probe in urological cancer to intra-operatively differentiate normal from tumor-bearing tissue. Based on detailed analysis and observations of prostatectomy, TUR-P, TUR-B, nephrectomy and orchiectomy and on the resulting statistics the feasibility is discussed. Moreover, this work gives proposals for the next required steps toward the introduction of these novel concepts in Urology.
Student: Xin Xu
Director: Markus Schwaiger?
Supervisor: Thomas Wendler
Type: Master Thesis
Area: Surgical Workflow, Molecular Imaging
Status: finished
Start: 2007.07.15
Finish: 2008.01.15
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