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Lehrstuhl für Informatikanwendungen in der Medizin & Augmented Reality

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Development notes

  • Maybe we should implement a multi window function?
    • Bastian: I think Multi Tile is better,not wasting space for window borders. If it works as good as it does now for one tile it will be great. every view should have its own tile, so you can resize them as needed.
  • image and view management
  • MainFrameUI needs serious doc and descriptive names ( "add_item()" adds a listitem to "browser" - sounds good? yeah, but we got 2 browsers and a button list, where it belongs to can only be found out by checking out the code, this costs unnecessary time)
  • SliceViewGL: double right click mode: add <control>+mouse input, that moves the cube (like in cubeviewmode now)
  • SliceViewGL: change <shift>+mouse to <control>+mouse and add <shift>+mouse moves slices (3 mousebuttons, 3 slices - that should work smile )
  • SliceViewGL: more in depht explaining is needed in the documentation, what m_renpose, m_pose etc. are. we may need seperate get/set methods for each, to have more control over what changes in which view (fullview, cubeview) when a set method is called from the outside (eg. a Interaction)

  • --- PROGRESSING --- implement interaction between views with the mediator design pattern

  • --- DONE! --- The visualization bug in the Cube after loading an VolumeView should be removed!
  • --- DONE! --- VolumeViewUI: set methode wie in sliceviewui einfuegen
  • --- DONE! --- ViewUI: changed Variable (ViewGL *glview) to (ViewGLWindow *m_glwindow)
    use of the ViewGL has now to be done via m_glwindow->getView()
  • --- DONE! --- ViewGL::modifyPose(float *pose) has to be stripped of Fl::stuff
  • --- DONE! --- SliceViewGL strip SliceViewUI references. no reference to the UI m_ui, use notifi() for changes and add an attribute that can be checked (ViewGL is a subject)
  • --- DONE! --- SliceViewUI is now an observer and has to implemente update, transfer updateUI here
  • --- DONE! --- SliceViewGL strip Mainframe.h references (were there any?)
  • --- DONE! --- SliceViewGL Fl_Window::w() and h() are not accessible anymore; instead implemented this functionality in ViewGL and ViewGLWindow (nothing else needs to change)

Asking for help

Style Discussion

-- BastianSeehaus:
I like the circular dials as interface for the angles. If we align them correctly it will help the viewer to navigate savely through the patients body without the grave danger of getting lost in some unhospitable colon dungeons. What do you think?

-- HenningHerbers:
Sounds like a good idea (The present 3D navigation really sucks). Worth giving a try, should be able to find a need alignement for the dial control panels.

General Questions

-- BastianSeehaus

Q: i can't log on to from home with putty. doesn't accept my password. it works if i go through the sunhalle first.

A: it works now. The problem was the ssh protocol version. If i tell putty to use ssh 2 it works. The Default is ssh 1 - and that doesn't work.

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