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Attendants: Marco Feuerstein, Petar Banov, Tobias Lasser, Konrad Lindner

Minute Taker: Tobias Lasser


  • Next meeting: Thursday, 20 January 2005, 11am
  • Next lab meeting: Tuesday, 18 January 2005, 1pm


  • discussed further proceedings

  • this is what the application should do: calibrate and register real-world object and overlay it's virtual model realtime on camera input
  • necessary steps:
    1. calibration step
      • get world coordinates of some points of the real-world object via HotspotCalibration
      • register those points with points of the virtual OpenInventor model via point-based registration routine from camplib
      • store calculated transformation in XML-file
    2. display step
      • initialize OpenGL camera with transformation matrix provided by Marco
      • display camera image
      • read tracking data, apply transform (from step 1) to model and draw model on top of camera image

  • Tobias: I won't be here next Thursday again - have to visit a Molecular Imaging workshop in Münster.

Action Items

  • implement XML-writer (Petar)
  • create real-world and OpenInventor model (Konrad)
  • add keyboard control to HotSpotCalibration, add point-based registration (Tobias)
  • meet on Tuesday, 18 January at 1pm at lab to integrate results

-- TobiasLasser - 17 Jan 2005

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