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Attendants: Marco Feuerstein, Joerg Traub, Petar Banov, Tobias Lasser, Konrad Lindner

Minute Taker: Konrad Lindner


  • Next meeting: Thursday, 2 Dezember 2004, 11am


  • Petar and Konrad are keep trying to create the PointingDevice? class. After the meeting in the lab we made a discussion on the PointingDevice? class, and we created a rough specification, which is the following:

- The primary goal of the Pointing Device that it can be used for calibrating different points in our coordinate system. (We point at a point with its tip, and we will define this point by calculating the tip of the Pointing Device.)

- The following functions and interfaces are necessary fo the Pointing Device:

-> Tracked Data interface, to import the tracker data for calculations. -> Transformation function (already written by Tobias in MATLAB but the C++ version is not available yet.) -> Some kind of output-generating function /first we will create a simple textfile, but later it can be a special XML file as well, which maybe necessary for further applications/

- To get the tracked data, we have to create first an XML file (like test_marco.xml) and we have to define there the ArtTrackerDevice? (as it is done at the test_marco.xml file). The ID what we can define in this tag is the name of the initialized ArtTrackerDevice? instance. We can manage this devices through the Doc object's getDevice(ID) function -> this function provides a Device pointer. To reach the Doc instance, we have to start the getInstance function in the Doc class (we can do this, because it is a static function which can be referenced from any context.) The ArtTrackerDevice? inherits from the TrackerDevice?, in the TrackerDevice? there is a getTargetCollection function, which provides the tracking datas. In this class we can also get single marker tracking datas by referencing the single marker at the getTrackingData function(the markers are the Probe6D devices and they can be also deifned in our config XML file /test_marco.xml/).

Action Items

  • For those who still have not set up the working enviroment: Set up the working enviroment. (See the minutes 4th November).
  • Try to implement a "Pointing Device" (Konrad, Sukhbansbir, Petar).
  • Creating the C++ version of the transformation tool (Tobias).

-- Konrad Lindner, 25 November 2004

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