Chair for Computer Aided Medical Procedures & Augmented Reality
Lehrstuhl für Informatikanwendungen in der Medizin & Augmented Reality

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Decision to use fltk.

Wolfgang provides basic framework.

-- HenningHerbers - 04 May 2004

Transscript "Infomail from Wolfgang"


  • 'cvs checkout src': retrieves a lot (for us uninteresting) projects but also
    • src/camplib (Lehrstuhl-libs - still being developed)
      read src/camplib/src/Registration/README.TXT , create the file and type 'make'
    • src/PraktSS04. (our Project)
      'make' should create a testfile 'sample'.
      which is a main window to load pictures with a viewer each (untill now each as an own window)
  • play wiht it, you may check cool changes in
  • take a closer look at the Registration-Library. Some Sources are even ideally documented (at least the header files).
  • Doxygen format is also visible. Help: /usr/shared/doc/packages/doxygen (wherever doxygen is installed)
  • Any Meta Image Files can be loaded with the image class - I will put some on /home/shared/data

Next goals from Wolfgangs POV

  • coding of different OpenGL?-Views and corrosponding Widgets with buttons and such (therefore integration of all renderers in our framework)
  • cool and flexible layout in our main window
  • plan a good concept and readable interface for the controller
  • design a model class. not everything has to be loaded into my mage class, even if - there are additional information needed (data set a merged with b, downsampled, modfied, and so on)
  • design a view base class. Even fluid created views are derivable from our own classes. This could be a pretty elegant solution.
  • meet and programm on a regular basis - thank you very much!

- BastianSeehaus - 04 May 2004

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