Chair for Computer Aided Medical Procedures & Augmented Reality
Lehrstuhl für Informatikanwendungen in der Medizin & Augmented Reality

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Attendants: Tobias Sielhorst, Mohan, Ingo Kresse, Philipp Stefan, Mustafa Isik, Oliver Kutter, Tobias Blum

Minute Taker: Tobias Blum


  1. Introduction of Mohan
  2. General Issues
  3. System Architecture
  4. User Interface

Top 1: Introduction of Mohan

  • Mohan is the new Hiwi at the chair
  • Mohan has been introduced to our project

Top 2: General Issues

  • both, the ART and RAMP tracking system, will track the arc. ART tracking data will be transformed to the RAMP coordinate system.
  • we have problems attaching the markers to the forceps, because we have no workshop and there is a lack of tools. We will ask at the Brügge-chair if we can use their tools.
  • calibration of the forceps will not be done every time the program starts. Calibration data will be stored and there should be a calibration tool to adjust the calibration manually.

Top 3: System Architecture

  • there is already a RAMP-server which sends the tracking data 30 times per second to the RAMP-client. We don't have to care about this.
  • ART tracking-data is provided by an UDP-server 60 times per second. We have to transform the data to the RAMP coordinate system.
  • the Medproc-server provides data at a rate of about 10 times per second. Because we can not use the real Medproc-server we have to use our own Medproc-server, who generates fake-values.
  • ART, RAMP and Medproc server should transfer their data to the RAMP-client.
  • the RAMP-client will communicate with CAugmentedBabysim which is already implemented.

Top 4: User Interface

  • biomedical functions on a virtual monitor can be accessed by following keys:
    • Q: heartbeat rate of the baby (which is the default value)
    • W: heartbeat rate of the mother
    • E: contraction rate
    • R: blood pressure of the mother
    • T: oxygen saturation
  • the biomedical functions must be visualized numerical and the monitor has to be labeled with the actual shown biomedical function. an additional graphical visualization can be implemented.
  • a progress bar of the birth progress has to be shown
  • until next meeting a manual, containing all functions and the user interface, has to be written.

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