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Off site use of MATLAB

In order to use MATLAB with the chair licences, constant access to the licence server needs to be warranted. In order to use MATLAB from outside the chair network there are multiple possibilities:

Use the chair VPN

Setup VPN access for the CAMP network?

Use SSH tunneling

If you want to use the Matlab floating licenses through an internet connection which is not in the license manager's configuration (e.g. at home), you may follow the following procedure in order to set up a tunnel connection to the license server through our camplinux server (which is listed in the license manager's list of allowed clients). The *nix setup should be similar (tunnel connection and forwarding to

  • Set up and save an SSH tunnel connection with PuTTY?:
    • Session -> Host Name:
  • Connection -> SSH -> Tunnels: Add the two ports Matlab uses for connecting to the license manager to the local port fowarding list, e.g.

Source port: 1711, Destination:, Local Source port: 1712, Destination:, Local

You may find those ports by looking at your Matlab's license.dat which specifies one of the ports as the last number in the SERVER line, e.g.: SERVER 8305d0c6 1711 Additionally, you also have to add the next port (here: 1712)!

  • Open the PuTTY? SSH tunnel connection.

  • Copy the other files from the folder \\campdata\staff\Software Images\Matlab\Using Matlab Remotely to your computer and adapt the paths in the batch file to your system configuration.
  • Run Matlab using the batch file. It'll overwrite your hosts file temporarily, run Matlab for you, and then restore your old hosts file again.


  • Modify the hosts file (C:\Windows\System32\drivers\etc\hosts) manually by adding the following line to the end of the file: localhost

  • WARNING: this modification needs to be disabled (by commenting out using #) from withing the CAMP network

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