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Lehrstuhl für Informatikanwendungen in der Medizin & Augmented Reality

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Not so recent Achievements

July 13th

  • wasted an hour with checking in the changes from the 6th (check it in yourself next time, thx!)
  • ViewGLWindow.* complete
  • SliceViewGLWindow.* complete
  • VolumeViewGLWindow.* complete
  • ViewUI.* complete
  • ViewGL.* updated, needs stripping (see Development notes)
  • SliceViewGL.* updated, needs stripping (see Development notes)

July 7th

  • tried out astyle, a codeformatter (TIP look here)
  • reformatted all cpp and h files with astyle
  • cleaned up and reorganized wiki (more useful information on top, better structure)

July 6th

  • First major restructuring effort with the result of a nocompile version, which was forseen and anticipated.
  • introduced new classes
  • rewrote handle methods
  • worked out the design in more depht

July 1st

  • Unbelievable: All 4 participants attendant... Therefore:
  • Meeting Minutes: 01.07.2004

June 25th

  • Control elements of Volume View are now working.
  • Furthermore it is now possible to change the pose in Volume View using the mouse.
  • While changing the pose using the mouse the resolution is lowered for a more fluent graphical realization.

June 22nd

  • different use of variable m_updated (see documentation)
  • improved efficiency by rendering just the changed Slices
  • displaying the 6 poses in FullView mode
  • controller Function PoseController implemented to assign different Fuctions to Sliders/Rollers in each ViewMode

June 19th

  • New View added: Volume View to display image data using the Raycast Renderer provided by CAMP. This Renderer makes sense to simulate x-ray vision based on CT data.
  • Volume View integrated in Graphical User Interface. User can now (after loading image) switch to Volume View and back to Slice View. Already loaded Views are therewhile saved in an array for later use.

June 15th

  • double right-click in fullview mode changes the view to a cube view where just one slide (the one that was shown in the fullview before) is displayed. This helpes the user to get an better impression of the current location of this slide. Double right click in this mode changes back to the normal fullview mode, double-left click to the normal view with the 4 viewports.
  • red crosshairs also change by dragging the right mouse button
  • changed the colors of the crosshairs to the respective axis

June 14th

  • Zoom doesnt't relate to the m_zoomFactor anymore. Zoom is now achieved by rendering just a part of the slice and displaying this section in the whole viewport. m_zoomFactor is still be set and used for getting the right right-click position to set the crosshairs.

Date unknown, Achiever unknown (due to lack of Wiki Activity)

  • real nice work was done (crosshairs and removed the cube lurking behind the slices in fullview), but nobody wanted to brag about it, so I had to drag it in here. wink
    those crosshairs look freaking cool, when you zoom!

June 8th

  • updated bug.txt (cvs:/src/PraktSS04) to give Freddy some more tweaking possibilities wink (found a bug in his right click location finding algos)
  • not adding achievements of others, everybody can type for himself :P

June 3rd

lets see, where do I begin smile
  • aspect ratio stays correct when resizing window
  • even for the 3dviewport and also in fullview
  • the slices fit in their quarter of the window
  • own viewport for every quarter (no clipping anymore)
  • everything is centered now (nice for zooming and large windows)
  • zooming works (needs ui though) but you can try defining the zoom constant in the sliceviewgl wink
  • worked out the fullview 3dviewport with david (slices refresh now)
  • added some documentation to new and old code
and guys, pleeease don't add undocumented code. it's a biatch to understand other people scribblings, we all know that. wink Same with the nice variables, which are added "just for a quick test, so don't need good names"... smile
So I started documenting every paragraph of code I added. Have fun looking through and understanding it (else{mail me, I have good spamfilters, hrhr}).


  • doubleclick selects one renderer and gives it the whole window
  • doxygen config files and first comments added (Bastian set himself the goal of documenting the whole shebang. so we will hopefully be able to understand what we are working on wink )
there are two doxygen config files. one with and one without the Registration documentation. (run: "doxygen PraktSS04.doxygen" or "doxygen PraktSS04andRegistration.doxygen" whatever you prefer)
  • new makefile in the src dir that automatically builds the camplib and our project (just call make above the PraktSS04 dir)
  • no makefile opt needed anymore. instead environment variable $OPT is used. (export OPT='-mcpu=athlon-xp -msse')
  • makefile for camplib now linkes 3 needed libs if you compile in a cygwin environment under windows (our sample easily runs under win now)

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