Chair for Computer Aided Medical Procedures & Augmented Reality
Lehrstuhl für Informatikanwendungen in der Medizin & Augmented Reality

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Attendants: Ingo Kresse, Philipp Stefan, Tobias Blum, Mustafa Isik, Oliver Kutter
Author: Mustafa K. Isik


  1. Detailed OpenInventor Discussion
  2. System Architecture Update
  3. MedProc Design and Discussion
  4. Visualization Details
  5. Next Steps

Top 1: Detailed OpenInventor Discussion

  • common scene graphs vs. OpenInventor scene graph
  • sample common and OpenInventor scene graph constructions: car, lower body

Top 2: System Architecture Update

  • subsystem overview update:
    • given: dtrack tracking server, ramp tracking server, CAugmentedBabySim (HMD visualization)
    • to be edited: ramp client
    • to be implemented: our own "dummy" MedProc Server (since access to the original system/code is prohibited), A.R.T. interface class

Top 3: MedProc Design and Discussion

  • our MedProc program is supposed to provide dummy data via a network connection:
    1. mother & child pulse
    2. mother blood pressure
    3. contraction rate (German: Wehenrate)
    4. oxygen saturation
    5. birth progression bar
  • during todays team meeting Tobias S. and we agreed on realizing two of the dummy data types for our project, given extra time at the end of the project, we might opt to realize more of the above mentioned types and corresponding visualizations

Top 4: Visualization Details

  • we discussed details of potential monitor visualizations for the different medical data types
  • given the limited tracking space of ramp and thus the constrained user viewport, we decided on showing one health monitor at a time at a position close to the model-patient's body, most likely above the thorax
  • health monitor data switching should be possible via keyboard interaction on the MedProc side
  • a label on the health monitor should indicate what type of data is currently being visualized

Top 5: Next Steps

  • development of network code for UDP communication: "dtrack -> A.R.T. interface class -> ramp client"
  • implementation of our own MedProc "dummy" server
  • ask Ben wether his OpenInventor viewer's interface is similar (or even the same as) to the ramp client interface
    • motivation: we need to know how to integrate correctly transformed visualizations into the ramp client

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