Chair for Computer Aided Medical Procedures & Augmented Reality
Lehrstuhl für Informatikanwendungen in der Medizin & Augmented Reality

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Attendants: Tobias Sielhorst, Ingo Kresse, Korbinian Schwinger, Philipp Stefan, Tobias Blum, Mustafa Isik, Oliver Kutter

Minute Taker: Philipp Stefan


  1. Presentations on TWiki and CVS
  2. Delivery forceps
  3. Requirements and other issues
  4. Team assignment
  5. Next meeting

Top 1: Presentations on TWiki and CVS

Top 2: Delivery forceps

  • Examination and short demonstration of how the forceps work.
  • Suggestion to take photos of the delivery forceps after the meeting, to make modelling easier.

Top 3: Requirements and other issues

  • Proposal to demonstrate DelivARy at a doctors' congress on 28./29. April 2004.
  • Suggestion to visit A.R.T. - advanced realtime tracking GmbH in a near future.
  • We need to ascertain our requirements and obtain expert knowledge soon.
  • The chair will supply us with hardware i.e. tracking markers.

Top 4: Team assignment

The tasks for the next week
  1. Modelling and tracking team
    • Create a model of the delivery forceps.
  2. User interface team
    • Build a real world model of the delivery forceps.

Top 5: Next meeting

  • Introduction to Open Inventor by Ingo Kresse
  • Survey of available Open Inventor capable modelling software by Tobias Blum
  • Minute keeper Korbinian Schwinger

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