Chair for Computer Aided Medical Procedures & Augmented Reality
Lehrstuhl für Informatikanwendungen in der Medizin & Augmented Reality

Image-Based Biomedical Modeling (IBBM)

Prof. Dr. Bjoern Menze


The research objective of the Image-Based Biomedical Modeling group is to develop computational algorithms at the interface of

  • image-based modeling
  • computational physiology
  • medical computer vision.

The work strives towards transforming the descriptive interpretation of biomedical images into a model-driven analysis that infers properties of the underlying disease process by using statistical, physiological, and biophysical models. A related effort is the application of such models to big clinical data bases in order to learn about correlations between model features and disease patterns at a population scale. In this, the current focus is on applications in clinical neuroimaging and oncological staging.

Image computing

The following projects are related to image computing and deal with Image-Based Modeling & Computational Physiology:

Image acquisition

The following projects are related to image acquisition and deal with Quantitative Physiological Imaging & Modeling:

Image data analytics

The following projects are related to large clinical image data bases and deal with Medical Computer Vision & Big Data Analytics:

Available Student Projects

Currently, active projects include but not limited to:


IBBM group picture (Feb '18)
IBBM group in February 2018 (Please find Jana and Lina in the last picture). Group picture in February 2015 here.

Faculty and Staff


  • Christoph Berger
  • Berkan Lafci
  • Jake Burton
  • Rami al-Maskari
  • Prashanth Swaminathan

Guests and Affiliates

Graduates and Alumni

  • Johannes Paetzold (MSc, 2018)
  • Avinash Mishra (MSc, 2018)
  • Christoph Dehner (MSc, 2018)
  • Ruchik Yajnik (MSc, 2018)
  • Paula Oriuela (MSc, 2017)
  • Satish Balakrishnan (MSc, 2017)
  • Johannes Rausch (MSc, 2017)
  • Diana Waldmannstaedter (MSc, 2017)
  • Anna Lysitsina (MSc, 2017)
  • Florian Ettliner (MSc, 2017)
  • Irene Mayoral (MSc, 2016)
  • Azhar Sultan (MSc, 2016)
  • Poulami Chakrabarti (MSc, 2016)
  • Sindhushree Jayasankar (MSc, 2016)
  • Patmaa Sridharan (MSc, 2016)
  • Mohamed Ezz (MSc, 2016)
  • Hang Xu (MSc, 2016)
  • Christine Eilers (BSc, 2018)
  • Yeshaswini Nagaraj (MSc, 2016)
  • Cristina Precup (MSc, 2016)
  • Stefano Trebeschi (MSc, 2016)
  • Sophie Ratcliffe (MSc, 2016)
  • Ahmed El Fiky (MSc, 2016)
  • Patrick Bilic (MSc, 2016)
  • David Dao (MSc, 2016)
  • Fateme Nejatbakhsh (MSc, 2015)
  • Marc Bickel (MSc, 2015)
  • Jairo Socarras Fernandez (MSc, 2015)
  • Udhayaraj Sivalingam (MSc, 2015)
  • Alexandra Derntl (MSc, 2015)
  • Jun Shen (MSc, 2015)
  • Pedro Gomez (MSc, 2014)

  • Daniel Andreasen (Visiting graduate student, 2015)
  • Subramoniam Aiyappan (Guest, 2014-15)
  • Pavel Dvořák (Visiting graduate student, 2014-15)
  • Mansour Alshanawani (Guest, 2014)


Open positions

For open MSc/BSc/IDP projects in the IBBM group, please see here or contact any member of the group directly. For applications at Ph.D. or postdoctoral level please refer to this page (and mention "IBBM application" in the comments section).


We are located at the Munich School of Bioengineering / IMETUM which is on the Garching Campus (see the map) in between the Informatik/Mathematik building and the Maschinenwesen building.

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