Chair for Computer Aided Medical Procedures & Augmented Reality
Lehrstuhl für Informatikanwendungen in der Medizin & Augmented Reality

Prof. Dr. Nassir Navab

Nassir Navab CAMP - Computer Aided Medical Procedures & Augmented Reality

Research Interests

CAMP Publications

Prof. Gudrun Klinker, Ph.D.

Gudrun Klinker FAR - Fachgebiet Augmented Reality

Research Interests

FAR Publications

Prof. Dr. Bjoern Menze

Bjoern Menze IBBM - Image-Based Biomedical Modelling

Research Interests

  • Computational Physiology
  • Image-based Modeling
  • Medical Computer Vision


Senior Research Scientists

Maximilian Baust

Dr. Maximilian Baust

  • Variational methods
  • Medical image analysis
  • Sensor data fusion and scene interpretation

Stefanie Demirci

Dr. Stefanie Demirci

  • Interventional image registration
  • Disocclusion in medical images
  • Medical device detection/navigation
  • Segmentation for medical treatment planning

Ulrich Eck

Ulrich Eck

  • Medical Augmented Reality for Surgery and Training
  • Intra-operative Navigation and Guidance
  • System Architectures for Realtime Interactive Systems
  • Haptic-Enabled Simulators

Benjamin Frisch

Dr. Benjamin Frisch

  • Nuclear Imaging Detectors
  • Interventional Imaging
  • Robotic Imaging

Christoph Hennersperger

Dr. Christoph Hennersperger

  • Ultrasound Imaging
  • Computer Assisted Neurosurgery
  • Cardiac Surgery and Imaging
  • Robotic Imaging

Tobias Lasser

Dr. Tobias Lasser

  • Mathematical Methods in Medical Imaging
  • Tomographic Reconstruction and Ill-posed Problems
  • Computer Assisted Surgery

Diana Mateus

Dr. Diana Mateus

  • Machine Learning for Medical Applications
  • 3D shape acquisition, modeling and registration
  • Computer Vision

Joint CAMP / Helmholtz Senior Research Group

Tingying Peng

Dr. Tingying Peng

  • Molecular imaging
  • Microscopic image processing
  • Machine learning for medical applications
  • Mathematical modeling for physiological understanding

Senior Affiliate Lecturers / Research Scientists

Ahmad Ahmadi

Dr. Ahmad Ahmadi

  • Neuroimaging
  • Multi-modal Imaging (US,MRI,etc.)
  • Clinical Applications

Slobodan Ilic

PD Dr. Slobodan Ilic

  • Deformable surface modeling and tracking
  • 3D reconstruction (multi-camera, stereo)
  • Real-time object detection and tracking
  • Object detection and localization in 3D data

Michael Friebe

Prof. Dr. Michael Friebe

  • Lecturer: "Medical Technology Entrepreneurship" and "Image Guided Surgery: From Bench to Bed and Back (IGSB3)"
  • Research: Translational research in medical imaging & image guided minimal invasive procedures

Federico Tombari

Dr. Federico Tombari

  • Invariant representations for 2D, 3D and RGB-D data
  • 3D object recognition and pose estimation
  • Stereo vision and 3D reconstruction
  • Pattern matching and robust visual correspondence

Markus Kowarschik

PD Dr. Markus Kowarschik

  • Lecturer: Interventional Imaging
  • Research: Interventional Imaging, Tomographic Image Reconstruction

Wolfgang Wein

Dr. Wolfgang Wein

  • Lecturer: conebeam CT and US Imaging
  • Research: Advanced Ultrasound Imaging

Joerg Traub

Dr. Joerg Traub

  • Lecturer: Image Guided Surgery: From Bench to Bed and Back (IGSB3)
  • Invited lecture in CAMP-I: Translation research in medical technology

Peter Noël

Dr. Peter Noël

  • Lecturer: Medical Imaging
  • Research: Tomographic reconstruction

Stephan Nekolla

PD Dr. Stephan Nekolla

  • Quantitative methods in medical imaging
  • Integration of multi modality data: PET, SPECT, CT, MRI
  • Going the full distance: from imaging physics to tracking therapeutical changes

Arash Taki

Dr. Arash Taki

  • Lecturer: Ultrasound Imaging
  • Scientific Advisor: BMC Master of TUM in Singapore

Selected Video

EndoTOFPET-US (Video1)
Video Length:
Hybrid Tracking

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Whats hot

21 October 2016, Athens - Grece
Labels 2016 - MICCAI Workshop
20 October 2016,
Best Poster Award at the 6D Pose Recovery workshop!
We are happy to mention that one of our works at ECCV 2016 has been given a 'Best Poster Award' as a submission to the 6D Pose recovery workshop.

Hot Stuff

25 October 2016, FMI-Building, Room 00.05.035
Doctoral Defense by Bernhard Fuerst
Imaging and visualization of anatomy and physiology are the very foundation of Computer Assisted Surgery, and crucially contribute to the success of interventions. The goal of the research presented in this thesis is the introduction of novel image registration techniques as means of transferring pre-operative imaging and planning to the surgical scenario, and intra-operative image acquisition to obtain images just in time and within the surgical site.
17 October 2016, Athens, Greece
13 Papers accepted at MICCAI 2016
13 papers of our chair will be presented at the 19th International Conference on Medical Image Computing and Computer Assisted Interventions (MICCAI 2016) in Athens (Greece), October 17-21, 2016. With an acceptance rate of approx. 30%; MICCAI is one of the most competitive international meetings in the field.
It is based on full paper submissions and double blind review process.
22 August 2016, Germany
The CAMP Family expands even further
We are happy to announce that our CAMP family has grown for one more person. Silvan Kraft and hhis wife Sylvia just became parents of a cute little sprout named Jolan.


15 September 2016,
4 papers accepted at 3DV 2016
We are happy to announce that 4 of our papers got accepted at 3DV 2016. The conference takes place at Stanford University, California, USA on October 25 - 28.
5 September 2016, FMI-Building, Room 03.13.010
PhD defense of Ma Meng: „Personalized Perception and Interaction with Medical Information in Mixed Reality Environments”
Medical information is employed in different scenarios, such as education, training, diagnosis, and surgery. Perception and interaction of this information is fundamental, and augmenting the perception through personalized interaction with multi-model data is user specific. The good of this thesis if to investigate personalized perception through development of novel interaction method with the different medical information suitable for students, patients, and doctors.
1 September 2016, FMI-Building, Room 00.05.035
PhD defense of Christian Schulte zu Berge: „Real-Time Processing for Advanced Ultrasound Visualization”
This work focuses on the development of visual computing techniques for advanced medical ultrasound visualization. At first, techniques for improved 2D B-mode ultrasound visualization are presented where the observer is provided with real-time feedback on the uncertainty present in the image. The second part of this thesis then introduces an orientation-driven ultrasound compounding approach to create high-quality 3D ultrasound volumes. Finally, a novel predicate-based classification technique allows for more meaningful visualization of such data.
26 August 2016, Bern, Switzerland
Best Paper Award at MIAR 2016
We got the Best Paper Award at the 7th International Conference on Medical Imaging and Augmented Reality (MIAR) 2016, held in Bern, Switzerland for the CathNets paper by C. Baur, S. Albarqouni, S. Demirci, N. Navab, P. Fallavollita

Recent Publications

3 October 2016,
Paper accepted for publication by Computational and Mathematical Methods in Medicine Journal
Our article CRF-Based Model for Instrument Detection and Pose Estimation in Retinal Microsurgery has been accepted by Computational and Mathematical Methods in Medicine Journal for the special issue on Machine Learning Applications in Medical Image Analysis.
25 July 2016,
Multimodal US-Gamma Imaging using Collaborative Robotics for Cancer Staging Biopsies
Our article on Multimodal US-Gamma Imaging using Collaborative Robotics for Cancer Staging Biopsies has just been accepted by IJCARS.
22 June 2016,
Paper accepted in Machine Vision and Applications
Our work on Parsing Human Skeletons in an Operating Room has been accepted by Machine Vision and Applications.
6 April 2016,
Our paper is accepted in Neuroinformatics
Our article on Neuron-Miner: An Advanced Tool for Morphological Search and Retrieval in Neuroscientific Image Databases has just been accepted by the Neuroinformatics Journal.
23 February 2016,
Paper accepted for publication within International Journal of Computer Assisted Radiology and Surgery
Our article on Single-View X-Ray Depth Recovery: Towards a Novel Concept for Image-Guided Interventions has been accepted by the International Journal of Computer Assisted Radiology and Surgery.

Alumni News


Location Technische Universität München
Fakultät für Informatik / I16
Boltzmannstraße 3
85748 Garching bei München

Proud of our Alumni

Dr. Marcus Toennis
QAware GmbH?
Towards Automotive Augmented Reality
17 November 2008
Dr. Simon Nestler
User Experience Engineering at IntraWorlds GmbH

Dr. Hesam Najafi
Staff Member at Qualcomm Corporate R & D, San Diego, CA
Fast 3D Object Detection and Pose Estimation for Augmented Reality Systems
19 December 2006
Dr. Selen Atasoy
Postdoc at University of New South Wales
Endoscopic Video Manifolds for Scene Recognition in Targeted Optical Biopsy
22 June 2012
Dr. Alexander Ladikos
Manager Computer Vision R&D at ImFusion GmbH
Real-Time Multi-View 3D Reconstruction for Interventional Environments
5 May 2011

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