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Computer Aided Medical Procedures I

Administrative Information

Responsible for Module: Prof. Nassir Navab
Organization: Dr. Ulrich Eck and Dr. Guillaume Zahnd

Time & Location

In general, lectures and exercises take place every
  • Tuesday from 2:15pm - 4:00pm in MI HS2 and every
  • Thursday from 2:15pm - 4:00pm in MI HS2.
Please refer to the schedule below for indiviual variations in case of public holidays, academic events, etc.


Computer science is playing an important, increasing role in medical practices. Medical imaging companies are no more asked by physicians to only produce images of anatomy. Instead, they are asked to design software and hardware systems to provide complex computer-aided solutions for diagnosis, intervention and therapy. There are more and more opportunities for computer science graduates to contribute to the development and deployment of medical solutions. Within the operating rooms, there is an increasing need for the integration and visualization of heterogeneous data acquired by numerous sensors.

This course on computer aided medical procedures (CAMP I) exposes the students to the challenges of building the operating rooms of the future. The main focus of the course is in imaging technologies especially intra-operative imaging as well as the visualization of this data. Techniques like segmentation and registration will be explained in various classes. CAMP I will be continued in the summer semester with the lecture CAMP II which focusses an advanced concepts such as ultrasound imaging, machine learning, etc.


There will be two examinations, a mid-term exam and an end-term exam:
  • TBA
Please refer to the general information regarding the registration process as well as the respective deadlines. Please also note that we have no influence on the registration process which means that we cannot register you for any examination for instance.

Both exams will be written and closed book, i.e. no material is allowed. Apart from the field trips, all lectures and exercises, will be relevant for the exam. The mid-term exam is not mandatory and you will not receive a grade for it. You can only pass or fail. In case you pass, you receive a grade bonus of 0.3 for your end-term exam. However, the bonus is only valid in case you pass the end-term exam. In particular, this means that the bonus will not help you to pass the examination.

Furthermore, please note that there will be a repeat examination as CAMP I is a required module for the Master's program Biomedical Computing (BMC). Please refer to the general information page regarding the respective examination periods and deadlines.


All programming exercises will be conducted in python 3. More specifically, we will rely on the ANACONDA distribution. In addition to this, we recommend you to install PyCharm as IDE.

Course Schedule


[1] Numpy for Matlab users

Title: Computer Aided Medical Procedures I
Professor: Prof. Nassir Navab, Dr. Ulrich Eck, Dr. Guillaume Zahnd
Type: Lecture
Information: IN2021, 2SWS lecture, 2SWS exercise (6 ECTS)
Term: 2018WiSe

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