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Survey of available HMDs


Name Stereo Resolution Colors FOV Weight URL comment
QD Laser and Fujitsu ltd. NO ?x? Color ?g http:// 2016

Optical See-Through

Name Stereo Resolution Colors FOV down Weight Transparency URL comment
MicroVision Nomad ND 2100 NO   monochome (red)         Virtual Retinal Display (laser)
Microoptical SV-6 PC-Viewer NO   monocrome          
Lumus PD-10 NO           http://www.lumusvision.com  
Lumus PD-22 YES     00°     http://www.lumusvision.com  
Vizux M100 NO 400x240 RGB 16°(diag) ?g ?% http:// 2013
TRIVISIO LCD29-HMD YES 800x600 RGB 17° 320g 50% http://www.trivisio.com/products/hmd-nte/  
Epson MOVERIO (BT-100) YES 960x540 RGB 23° 240g 70% http://www.epson.com/cgi-bin/Store/jsp/Moverio/Home.do?ref=van_moverio_2012-03-001  
Epson MOVERIO (BT-200) YES 960x540 RGB 23° 88g ?% http://www.epson.jp/products/moverio/bt200/ 2014, Android 4.0
Lumus DK-40 NO 640x480 RGB 25° ?g ? % http://www.lumus-optical.com/?option=com_content&task=view&id=9&Itemid=15 2014
MOTOROLA HC1 NO 800x600? RGB 32°(diag) 670g ?% http://  
Vuzix Star 1200XLD YES 852x480 RGB 35° ?g ?% http://  
Atheer Dev. Kit YES 1024x768 RGB 36° 135g ?% http://www.atheerlabs.com/ 2014Q1
Lumus DK-32 YES 1280x720 RGB 40° ?g 72% http://  
Laster, Pro Mobile Display NO 800x600 RGB 40° x 30° ?g ?% http://www.laster.fr/produits/promobiledisplay/?lg=en add-ons
Laster, Smart Vision YES 800x600 RGB 40° x 30° ?g ?% http://www.laster.fr/produits/smartvision/?lg=en add-ons
Sillicon Micro Display ST1080 YES 1980x1280 RGB 45° 180g 10% http://  
NVIS nVisor ST60 YES 1280x1024 RGB 50° 1300g 40% http://  
Atheer One YES 1024x768 RGB 65° 70g ?% http://www.atheerlabs.com/ 2014Q1
Google Glass NO 640x360? RGB ?0° 42g ?% http://  
Brother Air Scouter (WD-100G) NO 800x600 RGB 64g 50% http://  
Meta view YES ?x? RGB ?g ?% http://www.meta-view.com/ 2013
Recon Jet NO ?x? RGB 60g ?% http:// 2014

Video Feed-Through

Name Stereo Resolution Colors FOV URL comment  
Electronic Vision Assistant ? 800x600     Zeiss Mobile Optics    
piSight™ ? 2200x1200 24 bit 145° wide, 60° high http://www.sensics.com/products.html    
Cybermind Visetta 45 See Trough HMD YES 1280x1024          
Trivisio ARvision-3D YES 800x600          
nvis nVisor SX, stereo YES 1280x1024          
Canon NO 00x00 k.A. 00° Canon    
Mirage LightVu™ NO 00x00 k.A. 00° http://www.mirageinnovations.com/ looks consumer oriented  
Emagin Z800 3DVisor YES 800x600   k.A. http://www.emagin.com built in 6DOF tracker, OLED display, powered from USB, lightweigth  
TRIVISIO ARvision 3D HMD YES 752x480 RGB 34deg. http://www.emagin.com built in 6DOF tracker, OLED display, powered from USB, lightweigth  
Oculus VR Oculus Rift YES 640x800 RGB 90° http://    
SONY HMZ-T2 YES 1280x720 RGB http://    
5DT HMD800 YES 800x600 RGB 40° http://    
ZEIS Cinemizer OLED YES 870x500 RGB http://    

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